The Cost of Building a House vs. Buying

Deciding whether to buy a resale property or build new is an ongoing discussion within the real estate investor community. There are benefits and drawbacks to each approach. On a net basis, building new can be cheaper but presents additional costs and factors to consider.

Here’s an overview of the costs of building a house versus buying, the pros and cons of each approach, and whether real estate investors should adjust their acquisition approach.

Cost of building vs. buying a house

So many factors go into the cost of a house. Just a few of these influential factors are location, size, and finishes.

The average cost to build a single-family home was at $248,000 in 2020, whereas the average resale home in America was $256,663 as of fall 2020. According to, the average cost per square foot for single-family homes sat at $123. And according to the National Association

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COMMUNITY VOICES: Obeying independent contractor rules is a ‘tough gig’ | Opinion

If you are getting whiplashed and confused by the enactment of Assembly Bill 5 – California’s controversial new “gig worker” law – you are not alone.

It’s the subject of several lawsuits, some expected to go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, protests, job losses and even an initiative, Proposition 22, on the November ballot.

Meanwhile, the Legislature recently tried to clean up the mess it created by passing an “urgency law,” which Gov. Gavin Newsom signed, which exempts even more freelancers and independent contractors from the onerous new job rules. AB 5 initially exempted dozens of jobs – mainly at the behest of powerful industry lobbyists.

So, where does that leave local employers who rely on independent contractors, but fear hiring them? As I wrote when this law went into effect in January, it leaves them acting cautiously and using independent contractors only when necessary.

To review

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The Jews in Dubai preparing the ground for Israeli tourists

We sat down with Dubai-based Jewelry designer Sarah Besnaino and her husband Steve Ben-Shimol, a real-estate entrepreneur who develops hotels and luxury condos. They have been living in Dubai for the past 5 years, where they maintain their Jewish tradition and rich community life. 

As the owner of an international Jewelry business in the Emirates, do you have any advice for Israelis who wish to start a new business there?

This is a very organized country, everything is very clear here, we have rules, we have great leaders that understand the importance of maintaining a free market, so it’s very easy to work here if you do it right. It’s extremely important to follow the rules and to do everything by the book. Although it might sound daunting, it’s definitely worth it. 


Are you ready for your new Israeli customers?
We are happy to have the borders open and very
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U.S. Defense Contractor Stocks Slide Over China Sanction Threat

Text size

An F-16V fighter jet by Lockheed Martin releases flares during the Republic of China Armed Forces’ annual Han Kuang military exercise in Taichung, Taiwan, on July 16, 2020.

I-Hwa Cheng/Bloomberg

China said Monday it would sanction U.S. defense contractors, including

Lockheed Martin,


defense business and

Raytheon Technologies,

related to a $1.8 billion proposed weapons sale to Taiwan.

It is the latest tit-for-tat between the U.S. and China, and the issue hasn’t escalated to rattle markets broadly—but it could create ripples for U.S. defense contractors.

The moves come as the U.S. has tried to strengthen ties with Taiwan, which the Chinese claim as its territory. Beijing condemned the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, which they said “severely damage Chinese sovereignty and security interests.”

Analysts see Beijing’s sanctions threat as reactive rather than escalatory, noting that there is no set date for implementation, leaving China room

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What is the value of TIF in Mitchell County? | News

What they say about TIF

Tax Increment Financing has been a topic of debate in Mitchell County for some time. Here is a sampling of what has been said at meeting or in letters or columns run in the Press News.

District 1 Supervisor candidate Dave Stauffer:

“All of our contractors have the option of applying for these Urban Renewal incentives for new or older homes. Larger incentives may be needed to attract some of our fine contractors back into remodeling or upgrading already-existing structures. The same is true for the Economic Development Board when focusing on increasing the tax base. Few projects have been for anything but new homes with prices that are too expensive for many of our people.”

District 2 Supervisor candidate Al Winters:

“Visiting with residents while campaigning provided a greater perspective to the challenges that face many individuals and families. The notion that the current

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How Spain’s 2020 Real Estate Market Is Different From 2008

Founder, CEO and Managing Partner of Persepolis, responsible for defining its strategy and the primary point of contact for investors.

The general consensus in the real estate investment community is there will be a downturn in the second half of 2020 and well into 2021. The question, as far as the real estate market here in Spain is concerned, is the extent to which this cycle will be different from 2008. It wasn’t until 2014, when foreign capital flowed into the country, that the market started picking up again. This time around, the real estate sector is much better prepared to weather the storm because the market is structurally different in how it is regulated and financed, and how players operate. 

The Banking Sector

The No. 1 factor that differentiates this cycle is how the banking sector operates in Spain. In contrast to other countries, real estate development

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Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti slam Centre for lifting restrictions on J K land sale

Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti looking at the camera

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah and People’s Democratic Party chief Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday condemned the Centre’s decision to delimit sale of non-agricultural land in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Centre has announced new rules that allow any Indian citizen to buy land in Jammu and Kashmir. As per the notification issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, no domicile or permanent resident certificate is required for purchasing non-agricultural land in Jammu and Kashmir. However, agricultural land can only be purchased by agriculturalists or people engaged in farm-related activities.

Not acceptable: Omar Abdullah

Speaking to India Today TV, NC leader Omar Abdullah said that the new land laws were unacceptable.

“They are intended to change the demography of this place,” Omar Abdullah said.

The NC leader claimed that the new land laws were created because the BJP cannot tolerate a Muslim majority state in the country

“Why should the army

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Florida has 3 top destinations for movers during COVID


The skyline of the Brickell financial center, where business-commercial towers and luxury condo towers come together over Biscayne Bay, on May 30, 2019.

The COVID-19 pandemic has locked many Americans in place. But some are picking up stakes — choosing Florida over almost every other destination.

According to real estate firm FCP and geospatial analytics group Orbital Insight, Tampa is the No. 1 relocation destination for Americans who have moved during COVID.

South Florida — meaning the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach area — comes in at No. 4, with Orlando at No. 5.

In between are Phoenix (No. 2) and New York City (No. 3).

Using Orbital Insight’s data, FCP analyzed approximately 3.8 million cellphone numbers from major metropolitan areas. It compared the phones’ 2019 locations with their locations from March through June, as well as March through September, to understand migration both during lockdown and the pandemic

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U.S. Market For New Homes Surges To Highest Level Since Bubble

The market for new homes in the U.S. continued to surge in September 2020, with the trailing twelve-month market cap reaching levels not seen since the days of the first housing bubble.

Our initial estimate of the trailing twelve-month average of the market capitalization of new homes sold throughout the U.S. in September 2020 is $26.87 billion. In nominal terms, only the period between July 2004 and June 2006 saw higher value for the market cap of new homes sold in the U.S.

The story is similar after adjusting for inflation, although here the first bubble period with higher national new home market caps stretches between December 2002 and April 2007.

Much of today’s demand is being fueled by American families seeking to escape corrupt cities that permitted sustained breakdowns in public order during the summer of 2020, sparking sharply increased demand in the U.S. market for new homes. That

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How Real Estate Investors Could Profit Despite Today’s Economic Uncertainty

Rob Johnson is CRO of Realized, an investment property wealth management platform helping investors create custom investment property plans.

Uncertainty seems to be the “new normal,” when it comes to the ways in which people are living, working and investing. But despite rattled markets and short-term economic uncertainty, real estate investments can help manage your portfolio risk through diversification, while aiming to produce returns that can be enhanced with tax benefits.

First of all, while the pandemic is global, real estate is local. Unlike other investment-grade assets, real estate value is based on the unique characteristics of the local community and marketplace.

Second, real estate investment trusts (REITs) are trading at lower valuations, making them a potentially lucrative buy during the current downturn. Furthermore, vacation rental properties are selling at steep discounts, as business and leisure travel have declined.

With these and other factors, it’s understandable that today’s

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