Central Florida 100: Campaign visits, COVID-19 and honoring Miss Sammy

Larry Pino, attorney and entrepreneur

Last week: PRESIDENTIAL CONTRASTS: For years it was argued that voting between the two presidential political opponents made no difference since they ultimately looked alike. Trump’s and Biden’s tempestuous campaigns through Florida this past week make that old adage obsolete: this is a study in violent contrasts. Trump assured the predominantly unmasked and crowded supporters at the Sanford Airport that he felt “powerful,” marginalizing Biden’s fear and age. Biden told his masked and distanced Broward County audience that Trump was an arrogant self-serving liar who would desecrate Social Security and Medicare, caring only for himself. This year’s election is about character, not politics …which wins?

Looking ahead: DISNEY PLUS: Theme parks served Disney well, first in Anaheim, then in Orlando, Paris, Hong Kong, and others. Content came next with Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Studios, among others, collectively increasing Disney’s market value three-fold. But, after a pandemic laying waste to Disney’s theme park and film divisions was buttressed by Disney’s new Disney+ service, Bob Chapek saw the writing on the castle’s walls, prioritizing streaming as part of a realignment with three divisions for content and one for distributing it. Little noticed is that Disney+ is today what Capital Cities/ABC was in 1995: the catalytic marriage of distribution to content.

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