How many relocation helpers you organise for the move day has a big impact on the process of your change of home. Too little helping hands on the red circled day in the calendar can quickly become a problem. There must be enough people to handle everything in time, but the helpers should not be in each other’s way.

The question now is;how many people are really necessary? Here are some guidelines for you to get the right amount for your move. The better a move is planned in advance, the more stress-free is the move day. When you hire a removal company to work, the firm determines how many workers are needed. However, these are very experienced professionals who know exactly what to do. For private relocation helpers, the required number of helpers will probably be corrected slightly upwards.

How many relocation helpers are needed depends on the following factors:

There are a few factors that directly affect the number of helpers needed. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision. As a rule, however, 2 – 5 helpers should be sufficient for moving a normal household:

Good planning or improvisation?

If you have planned the process well on the move day, then you can use several helpers at the same time well. However, if you rely on improvisation on the move day, it can be difficult to assign different tasks to all helping hands at the same time. Especially when it comes only to the transport of moving boxes, often two helpers are sufficient. But if you also want to do other tasks, such as disassembling and rebuilding furniture, or even wrapping moving boxes in certain rooms, then you can ask more friends for help. Which different types of work can be carried out simultaneously? So, how many relocation helpers you really need or can employ will be apparent in many cases during the planning process.

Temporal presentation?

Clearly, time constraints also play a big role in answering the question of how many relocation helpers are needed. If you have a very narrow window of time in which your belongings have to be transported from A to B, then you should also mobilise as many helpers as possible. However, we advise you to avoid time pressure on the move day as much as possible!

Big or small moving van?

If you have a large moving van that only needs to be loaded once, then you will have fewer moving helpers. If you have to do several trips with smaller vehicles, it often pays off to hire several helping hands. The helpers can form two teams with two vehicles and drive between old and new apartments back and forth. This can save a lot of time during the move. You can also save time and work for you and your relocation helpers by reserving a parking space for the moving van at both the old and the new apartment. Apply here for a no parking zone.

How big is the apartment and how many people live in the household?

This point is very obvious: more belongings means more work on the move day. Do you live in a room in a shared flat and only you move alone, then probably not so much belongings to be transported. Even a single helper can often be enough. However, if you live with spouses and children in a 120 m² apartment, then you can make use of four moving helpers with security.

Furnished or unfurnished apartment?

How many relocation helpers you need depends heavily on the goods to be moved. If furniture has to be dismantled and rebuilt in the new apartment, then you can easily employ several helpers at the same time. If you really only need to move moving boxes as you move from one furnished flat to another, then you probably do not need 5 people to help you out.

How many “heavyweights” have to move with?

If you have special items to transport such as a washing machine, a refrigerator or even a piano, then you should have at least 3 strong relocation helpers in the team. With a piano, it would also be highly recommended to hire professional removalists in Sydney.

Plan your move carefully and write down the various tasks that you would like to have performed by helpers! If you have written down all the work and consider the above factors, you should be able to easily decide how many relocation helpers you really need. Another tip – usually it’s better to have too many hands than helping too little. Then, when the decision has been made how many relocation helpers you want to organise, all that is missing is the pledge of your chosen helpers to get the relocation day.