On Commack Road Sits a School District Property Known As The

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Wilson Tech students built this school house as part of their carpentry projects in the 1990s
Wilson Tech students built this school house as part of their carpentry projects in the 1990s (Commack Community Association)

Board member. Her will required that the district allow her niece to continue to live on the farm and commanded the 9 acre farm be used for educational purposes. It was used for class trips, a Wilson Tech carpentry and animal husbandry program for many years. In 2010, the district board and superintendent contracted to sell it to a developer for 38 condo units for $750,000,subject to public approval . In June 2010, the recently formed Commack Community Association rallied residents, who remembered this farm well and defeated the land sale in a required public vote. In 2011-12, a petition was given to the school superintendent , signed by about 2000 residents, hoping to save the property from developers.

As the years went by the main house listed on the national register, 2 barns, a carriage house and an outhouse deteriorated. The horse barn had been totally rebuilt with a grant from NY state in the 1990s but rain leaks were not repaired . Appalled at the condition of the property, the Carll heirs sued the district for breaching the requirements of Marion Carll’s will. They were in line to receive the property if the will was not honored . The court ruled against them due to a timeliness issue in their protest.

The district did remove some artifacts from the house to preserve them with the lobbying of a board member. They are stored in a school but are not on display.

Finally the property caught the attention of the new dean of the CW Post veterinary school ,which needed clinic locations. CW Post did sign a lease with the school district.

The pandemic has created other priorities so perhaps one day this will be of interest to the local residents.

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