Renovating? Reduce Frustration With a Short Term Stay Apartment

Are you renovating, remodeling, or enduring major repairs at home? It’s not easy to live in the midst of a renovation. The noise, the dust, the disorder… it can get very wearing on your nerves. And if you’re living in the midst of a home that’s being renovated, there’s a good chance that your living in it during the work will make the whole process take longer than if you could get out of the space and let the workers do as they need…get it done, get it cleaned, and get out of there. Have you considered looking into short term stay accommodations for a month or a few months while the work is taking place?

No, this isn’t to recommend you staying in a hotel. Hotels aren’t very practical for stays longer than a week or two and that’s especially the case if you have a family and / or pets. A hotel is going to be cramped, at best. And it’s going to be expensive, especially if you try to rent a hotel room for any length of time — particularly if you have to rent a suite or several rooms. Not only is a hotel or motel rental going to be expensive, it’s also not very practical. There won’t likely be a full service kitchen, which means you’ll be eating at restaurants (more expense and not the healthiest way to eat on a daily basis) and you’ll have to trek out to the landromat to deal with your clothing (unless you’re willing to pay a small fortune to have the hotel look after it). A short term stay condo or apartment in the area you live in could be the right solution to your renovation dilemma.

Many short term stay locations are fully furnished condos that are akin to a four or five star hotel. They come equipped with room for you and your family (and often times, your pets) and offer full kitchens, en suite laundry, HDTV, Wi-Fi, and a way to live in semi-normalcy while your home is being renovated or repaired.

By getting out of the house while it’s being done, it’ll get done faster. And you won’t have to live amid the mayhem. You can arrange a suite or apartment that will suit your needs, whether you need 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, or 3 bedrooms. Some facilities also have extras, such as swimming pools and fitness facilities. It might even feel like you’re on a bit of a mini holiday while your home is being done.