Alpine Motel owner lists mansion for sale for $2.9 million

The landlord of the downtown Las Vegas apartment building where a December fire killed six has listed his family’s mansion for sale.

Adolfo Orozco faces involuntary manslaughter charges in connection with the deadly Alpine Motel Apartments fire, which left more than a dozen injured. The blaze also triggered wrongful death lawsuits in which Orozco has been named as a defendant.

The 6,250-square-foot, Southern Highlands Country Club mansion was first listed Monday on Simply Vegas. The six-bedroom, six-bath home, which property records show is in the name of Orozco’s wife, Erika Ayala, is going for $2,995,000.

“Never before has this hidden gem been available,” the listing reads.

The listing follows the sale of more than $5 million worth of other properties this summer. As of late August, Orozco and his wife had liquidated about half of their once-multimillion-dollar portfolio of 24 properties in Nevada.

Orozco acquired the Alpine in 2013 for

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