Sec. Ben Carson: Under Trump administration, HUD has partnered in Harris County to lift people out of need

Yolanda, a veteran and single mother, was struggling to support her family. After connecting with the Gulf Coast Envision Center operated by Adaptive Construction Solutions, Yolanda was placed into a full-time job as a crane and rigging apprentice.

EnVision Centers have a simple goal in mind: to provide individuals in underserved communities with the tools they need to reach their highest potentials. They are centralized hubs that provide one-stop shopping for Houstonians for job training, education resources, social services and more. The Gulf Coast EnVision Center will join an existing center at the Haverstock Hills apartment complex, and both are proof that this important vision is already coming to life.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s designation of an EnVision Center at this state-of-the-art facility confirms and strengthens our partnership with Houston, Harris County and the surrounding community to improve its residents’ lives. EnVision Centers take a holistic

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HUD Secy Ben Carson pitches new homelessness strategy

Transient camps like those under I-35 in downtown Austin are a common sight and have increased across town since the city council repealed the camping ban ordinance last June.

On Wednesday during a panel discussion with HUD Secretary Ben Carson, that approach to homelessness was held up as a failed strategy.

“Some people think compassion is, there, there you poor little thing I’m going to take care of you, that’s not compassion. Compassion is how do I get this person to realize their potential,” said Secretary Carson.


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Ben Carson HUD investigating religious discrimination claims

HUD Secretary Dr. Ben. Carson visits faith-based homelessness service providers in Detroit, Michigan, on Aug. 17, 2020. | HUD/Matthew Koenig, Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries

Dr. Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, said the department is investigating a complaint against the owner and manager of senior apartments in Oklahoma for violating the Fair Housing Act by removing Bibles and other religious literature from their common areas.

“Religious liberty is at the core of our nation’s identity and will be upheld under the Fair Housing Act,” Carson said in a statement. The law prohibits discrimination in housing and in housing-related services based on religion.

“Barring religious materials infringes upon this right, and the Trump administration will not stand for discrimination against any group for practicing their religious traditions,” Carson added.

Wilhoit Properties, which manages the apartments and assisted-living

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