Duo jailed for cheating contractor

Police arrested Sanjeevi (63) and Immanuel (32) under charges of cheating a building contractor to the tune of ₹40 lakh on Saturday.

Following a complaint from Jeeva (58), a building contractor here, Superintendent of Police Priya Ravali directed the police to register a case.

The complaint was that the father and son duo had lured Jeeva by saying that they would get him a big contract worth ₹200 crore in Maldives. In a bid to make him fall in the trap, they even allegedly assured to get him a bank loan arranged in Maldives through financial consultants.

To make the complainant believe, the father and son had made a few people from Maldives to hold a conference with Jeeva. As a first step, they wanted him to part with ₹40 lakh, which he had given on different dates.

As the accused were evading calls from Jeeva, he turned suspicious and

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Mother daughter duo looking for loving home together

This mother daughter duo is looking for a home where they can be together.

Surisa and Icarus were surrendered to the Vernon SPCA when their owners moved and were not able to take them with them.

<who>Photo credit: BC SPCA

Hopefully they can have another chance at finding a loving home!


Pit Bull Terrier


Surisa is 3 years old and Icarius is 7 years old.


<who>Photo credit: BC SPCA</who>Surisa

Surisa is a happy go lucky girl who wags her tail so hard her whole body wiggles. She is a big cuddler and prefers to be on your lap whenever possible.

Icarus is a loveable goofball, and a great mom. She loves to cuddle and would love to curl up in your lap and take a nap. She can also be very playful, and loves a good game of fetch.

<who>Photo credit: BC SPCA</who>Icarus

Surisa and her mom Icarus are very bonded, they are never more than an arms length

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