Real Estate Investment Strategy That Can Earn You $1 Million Equity Within 5 Years

Did you know that based on the Federal Reserve’s Sept 2020 bulletin report, the average net worth for a US household is $749,000 while the median net worth for a US household is $121,700?  The main difference between the median and average numbers is because median value looks at the middle value of the full set of numbers which is more indicative of a typical household. This also represented the huge disparity of wealth in our country. Furthermore, according to the report, homeowners have a median net worth of $255,000 which is four times more than the renters’ median net worth of $6,300. So why wouldn’t you become a homeowner or a real estate investor if you are seeking for greater financial security? 

In my previous articles, I had shared a strategy to flip an apartment building without selling it

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