How Real Estate Investors Could Profit Despite Today’s Economic Uncertainty

Rob Johnson is CRO of Realized, an investment property wealth management platform helping investors create custom investment property plans.

Uncertainty seems to be the “new normal,” when it comes to the ways in which people are living, working and investing. But despite rattled markets and short-term economic uncertainty, real estate investments can help manage your portfolio risk through diversification, while aiming to produce returns that can be enhanced with tax benefits.

First of all, while the pandemic is global, real estate is local. Unlike other investment-grade assets, real estate value is based on the unique characteristics of the local community and marketplace.

Second, real estate investment trusts (REITs) are trading at lower valuations, making them a potentially lucrative buy during the current downturn. Furthermore, vacation rental properties are selling at steep discounts, as business and leisure travel have declined.

With these and other factors, it’s understandable that today’s

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The best real-estate markets in America, based on economic strength

  • If you’re interested in home buying, you should understand the housing market first. 
  • Home prices have been rising on average throughout the pandemic, even though supply and demand vary significantly nationwide based on location. 
  • Personal finance website WalletHub studied and ranked the best markets to buy a home in the US, where Boise topped the list, followed by Seattle.
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Whether you’re looking to invest or to find a new home, understanding the housing market is important before you purchase a property. 

And this year has been the right time to buy for many Americans, as interest rates have have hit record lows in recent months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite opportunity for some, home prices have been rising throughout the pandemic on average, even though supply and demand varies significantly nationwide based on location. 

To determine the best real-estate markets

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