$10 million Texas retreat for sale comes with baseball field, 85,000-gallon pool

LUCAS, Texas – If you build it, they will come. At least that’s what one family is hoping now that they listed their 8,325 square foot home near Dallas for sale.

1010 Wendy Lane is a custom-built home in Lucas, Texas, just a half-hour drive outside Dallas and it comes with, among other incredible things, a baseball field.

The baseball field isn’t some sandlot conversion either – it’s turf built with crushed granite and mat so that water drains and never allows for standing water (sayonara mosquitoes.) If you want an audience there’s also covered seating and dugouts.

1010 Wendy Lane in Lucas, Texas
1010 Wendy Lane in Lucas, Texas (Karen Cuskey-Hartman)

There’s also a sports court with batting cages on the other side of the 18.04-acre property which also has an 85,000-gallon resort-style pool and two hot tubs.

A fully stocked pond covers 3/4 of an acre on the property and is stocked with blue

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