DE Turf prepares to host its first tournament with traffic help from the Delaware Department of Transportation.

In late-2008, with the real estate market in freefall, a land-hungry Delaware Department of Transportation purchased two parcels of rural flatland next to Del. 1 south of Dover for nearly $2.8 million. 

Ten years later, it sold the parcels for $270,000 to influential lawyer and developer John Paradee. It was a price the state says reflected a DelDOT decree that the land would never gain a direct commercial turn-on or turnoff from the adjacent highway – Delaware’s primary north-south artery.

Today, those deals and their multi-million-dollar price discrepancies are attracting controversy, manifested as political assaults on Delaware’s Democratic Party establishment just weeks before the November election.

The land sale also sits at the center of ongoing lawsuit in Delaware’s business court over DelDOT’s potential granting of accesses from Del. 1 to new