King tides are flooding East Coast

But there was no storm to be found. In fact, many places enjoyed pleasant weather and sunshine. Yet coastal flood advisories plastered the coast, forcing road closures and flooding properties.

The culprit? King tides. A name informally attached to extra-high tides spurred by astronomical alignments, king tides often reach their peak in the fall. Decades ago, their impact was minimal. But added to the background of climate-driven sea-level rise, nowadays they are routinely problematic.

“I think of this like a stacking of phenomena,” said William Sweet, an oceanographer with NOAA specializing in sea level rise and flooding issues. “We didn’t flood 30 or 40 years ago, but since then … sea levels have been a half-foot to a foot higher.”

The rise in water has left thousands of homes and businesses vulnerable to sunny-day flooding, disrupting daily life and undermining property values in some areas.

As greenhouse gases resulting from

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In Echo of Toronto, Condos Start Flooding the Market in Montreal

(Bloomberg) — It’s not just Toronto. Montreal is seeing a flurry of condos being put up for sale, suggesting the city’s housing boom may be fading as the effects of the pandemic start to bite.


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New condo listings on the island of Montreal were up 72% in the third quarter, the biggest annual increase in 17 years, according to data from the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers. The greater Montreal area recorded a 61% jump.

A vibrant economy, steady flows of immigrants and affordable home prices compared with Toronto turned Quebec’s biggest city in a hot market in recent years. Now both cities are suffering from side effects of the Covid-19 crisis: Immigration has slowed, depressing the rental market in city centers, while some people who are doing their jobs from home are seeking more space in the suburbs.

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