Wayne County officials are facing a federal class-action lawsuit amid claims the county sold foreclosed homes at unfairly low prices and pocketed all of the proceeds instead of distributing some of the earnings to the owners.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court on behalf of Tonya Bowles, who lost her Detroit home to foreclosure in 2017. 

Although the property on East State Fair had a fair market value of $36,600, Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree’s office sold it at a tax auction for $14,000, according to the document, and retainined the proceeds above the tax delinquency and administrative fees for the county.

“Defendants have taken plaintiffs’ and the class members’ property interests in the form of equity — that is the value of their properties to the extent they exceed the properties’ tax delinquencies — and have appropriated this property for public use without the payment of