Japan names contractor to build its future fighter jet

MELBOURNE, Australia — Japan has named Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as the prime contractor to build its next-generation fighter jet, with the Defense Ministry announcing earlier Friday that it signed a contract with the company.

“We will steadily proceed with the development of the next fighter (F-X) together with the company,” the ministry said in a brief statement posted on it website.

Local media is reporting Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said the country will select an overseas partner by the end of this year for collaboration on aircraft technology, with stealth technology being one area of focus.

The selection of MHI as the prime contractor for the F-X program comes as little surprise, given Japan was determined to restart its indigenous fighter aircraft capabilities. The company is the only one in Japan with experience in this area. The firm took the 21st spot on Defense News’ most recent ranking of the

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The future of commercial real estate

A full story of commercial real estate evolution post-pandemic with new conditions

Commercial real estate is one of the worst-hit markets due to the 2020 pandemic. Anytime there is a real estate meltdown, it triggers a massive recession. However, this one is slightly different. It accelerated the anticipated recession and impacted certain sections of the job market. Consequently, the world has gone into a recession from which it will make a V shaped recovery. During the recession, economic policies, market consolidation and segmentation and domain evolutions will have been completed resulting in a launchpad for businesses to spring back into life for another decade. It is important to understand the evolution of commercial real estate business to better prepare for revival.

Real estate is classified into residential and commercial real estate. Residential real estate is not hit too adversely as its non-optional and people were successful at maintaining it. Commercial

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Philadelphia Union owner Richie Graham talks about the sale of Brendan Aaronson and future of American soccer

Last week MLS side Philadelphia Union — in the middle of an extremely successful campaign which has them tied for first place in the Eastern Conference — announced that its 20-year-old attacking midfielder Brenden Aaronson had been sold to Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg, and would join the club after the season.

a man with a football ball on a field

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The reported figure of the sale was $6 million plus bonuses, the largest ever paid for an MLS Homegrown Player. For the Union, the sale was proof of concept for its strategy over the past few years of focusing on the development of its academy.

In a phone call with FTW, Philadelphia Union co-owner Richie Graham talked about the sale, the changing perception of MLS and American players in Europe, and his vision for youth development in this country.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

FTW: Congratulations on this

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Transforming Homes And Communities Into Healthcare Hubs In The Post-Covid Future

Hospital design experts Ryan Hullinger and Sarah Markovitz discuss the inevitable shifts in healthcare delivery as technology leads to new care settings and rethinking hospitals.

The explosion of telehealth prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift in care delivery away from the hospital and clinic and into homes and communities. While hospitals have historically been the main hub of care, technology and new care models are enabling a different approach to care delivery. Rather than episodic preventative care, in which a patient periodically goes to a physician or hospital with a health concern, this new model of care is continuous and ubiquitous—with ongoing care reinforced in the home, office, school and throughout the community. There are three key aspects to this shift: advancing technology, new care settings, and the future evolution of hospitals.

Advancing Technology

Healthcare may

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How AI Is Transforming The Future Of Sales

CEO of Regalix Inc.

B2B buyers today expect a customized and seamless buying experience backed by value-added insights from the seller. A recent study shows that 89% of business buyers rank the experience provided by a company at the same level as its products and services, and 82% are ready to pay more for a great experience. Given this reality, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have the potential to transform sales forever, as they offer organizations the power to build strategic, adaptive sales processes that can be tailored to enrich each customer’s buying experience.

The Power Of AI

As a McKinsey research shows, companies that have pioneered the use of AI in sales have seen benefits, including an increase in leads and appointments of more than 50%, cost reductions of 40% to 60% and call time reductions of 60% to 70%. Here are four important ways AI

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Land Securities’ New CEO Sees a Future for London Offices

(Bloomberg) — Land Securities Group Plc, one of the U.K.’s biggest real estate investment trusts, signaled confidence in the future of London offices in a strategy set out by new Chief Executive Officer Mark Allan.

a large body of water with a city in the background: Skyscrapers stand in the City of London square mile financial district as the sun sets in London, U.K., on Monday, Sept. 14, 2020. Londoners are steadily increasing their use of public transport after schools reopened, freeing parents to go back to the workplace.

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Skyscrapers stand in the City of London square mile financial district as the sun sets in London, U.K., on Monday, Sept. 14, 2020. Londoners are steadily increasing their use of public transport after schools reopened, freeing parents to go back to the workplace.

The company plans to sell non-core assets including its leisure properties and reinvest the proceeds in developing new offices and mixed-use projects, the company said in a statement Monday. Rental income from existing properties won’t be the key driver of earnings, he said.

“London remains one of the world’s gateway cities, and this portfolio represents a good source of liquidity over time, with clear potential to recycle capital out of

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Vancouver real estate: Prices are up again, what does the future hold?

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Realtor Ian Watt, who specializes in downtown Vancouver condos, where rising inventory has been more pronounced, said the median price in September decreased 10 per cent from previous month, and the median price decreased 14 percent from September 2019.

Housing starts across B.C. in September hit 25,308, down from 33,100 during the same period in 2019.

However, that is comparing housing starts in 2019 that ended up reaching a record high of 44,932, even though most forecasts, including that of the B.C. government, had been for the number at the end of the year to be around 35,000.

“If anything, new home construction has been remarkably strong given what normally happens in a recession,” said Brendon Ogmundson, the BCREA’s chief economist.

He sees the split in the market less pessimistically, but describes the economics as very unusual.

“Instead of seeing falling home sales and rising inventory as

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7 CEOs on the future of their office real estate footprints

  • After a six-month-long experiment in remote work, many financial services companies are now considering allowing employees to continue to spend at least some of their time remote. 
  • This has implications for the already ailing office market, as firms could downsize their office portfolios. The last quarter saw an all-time record drop-in office occupancy, according to JLL.
  • We compiled comments from the earning’s calls of seven major financial firms to show how finance Is thinking about the return to office, and their future footprints.
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The past six months have been filled with speculation about the future of the office, with some tech companies moving to a more remote future and even the most skeptical, conservative companies realizing that remote work could sustain their business for an extended period of time. 

A key question is whether companies will move to more remote models and choose

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City committee approves sale of Cortez Hill shelter for future affordable housing

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A San Diego City Council committee signed off Thursday on the proposed sale of a vacant city-owned property on Cortez Hill to a nonprofit agency for less than $12,000 to create more than 100 units of affordable housing.

The .4-acre property at 1449 Ninth Ave. was most recently the site of the now-vacant Cortez Hill Family Center, which housed homeless families.

The City Council’s Land Use and Housing Committee unanimously approved the proposal to sell the property for $11,593 to Community Housing Works, which develops, rehabilitates, preserves and operates affordable apartment communities in San Diego and throughout the state.

The sale will now move to the full City Council for consideration.

According to a staff report, the low price is justified because “the property sale furthers the public purpose of providing low-income rental housing for 55 years, the number of affordable housing units will be increased,

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Electric Cars, Homes and Shops: NJ’s Clean Energy Future? | Business News

By WAYNE PARRY, Associated Press

ATLANTIC CITY,N.J. (AP) — Gasoline-powered vehicles would become a thing of the past, and nine out of every 10 buildings in New Jersey would be heated and cooled by electricity instead of natural gas or oil, under an ambitious plan laid out Thursday by the state’s environmental regulators.

It is an effort so far-reaching and transformative of the way everyday life is lived in the state that its cost is sure to be great — so great that authorities did not even try to estimate it.

Officials with the state Department of Environmental Protection released a report Thursday outlining the state’s progress in meeting goals to reduce the emission of planet-warming greenhouse gases.

Shawn LaTourette, the DEP’s deputy commissioner and chief of staff, predicted the plan would be attacked from the left and the right.

“You’ll hear about cost: ‘Too fast, too soon, too much,

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