How About Moving To A Gateway Community?

An article in Fast Company, “Zoomtowns are exploding in the West”, reports on migration between large cities in the western United States and small towns close to tourist sites, ski resorts or natural parks, the so-called gateway communities.

Zoomtowns, the name of the new phenomenon, references the boomtowns of old with the impact of the pandemic on the possibility of working from home or anywhere with a reasonable internet connection.

The movement of people who can afford to do so because they have the resources or because they work for companies with long-term work-from-home policies, puts pressure on host communities due to gentrification: towns and smaller cities often lack the services and infrastructure required to meet the new and growing demand, property prices rise rapidly, and many of the people who traditionally lived in them, in many cases serving nearby tourist attractions, are virtually driven out by the price

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