Madison to seek replacement property for homeless men’s shelter ‘with all due haste’ | Local Government

Earlier Tuesday, the mayor and Dane County Executive Joe Parisi held a press conference announcing the project, which aims to provide an overnight shelter that could accommodate laundry services and a kitchen.

Josh Wescott, chief of staff to Parisi, said in a statement Wednesday that the city and county have demonstrated a “clear financial and moral commitment” to this project.  

“The partnership that’s come together to create a new night shelter is unprecedented,” Wescott said in a statement. “City and county staff are already mapping next steps to identify potential community partners.”

The city would provide $3 million with Dane County contributing another $3 million, which Executive Joe Parisi included in his 2021 Capital Budget proposal. The property at 4111 East Towne Boulevard would cost $1.3 million.

“Together we have laid out a $6 million dollar commitment to this project, and we are focused on moving it forward as expeditiously

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Property owner backs out of sale 1 day after city announces plan for men’s homeless shelter

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MADISON, Wis. — Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway announced in a statement Wednesday afternoon that the attorney representing the owner of a property the city looked to purchase for a men’s shelter was withdrawing from their Purchase and Sale Agreement with the city.

“Obviously, this is unexpected and disappointing news,” Rhodes-Conway said. “But it will not deter the City and the County from our serious intent to develop a new shelter facility. Together we have laid out a $6 million dollar commitment to this project, and we are focused on moving it forward as expeditiously as possible. Alternative locations are already being examined anew. In the meantime, I want to express my gratitude to County Executive Parisi, to members of the Common Council, and to other community leaders for their support of

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Current owner nixes deal for men’s homeless shelter property

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – It’s back to the drawing board for the City of Madison and Dane County’s plan to buy and renovate a property on the the East Side of Madison dedicated to providing homeless men shelter and services to help them get back on their feet.

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The Madison Mayor’s Office explained Wednesday that just hours after their announcement of the shelter the previous day, an attorney for the owner of the property told the city he was removing his signature from the Purchase and Sale Agreement with the city.

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and Dane Co. Executive Joe Parisi were on hand Tuesday to announce the new facility, which is located at 4111 E. Town Blvd., in the shopping center that also houses the Princeton Club and Rogan Shoes.

The Mayor’s Office described the situation as “unexpected and disappointing.” City and county

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In Los Angeles, shipping containers becoming homes for the homeless

Jonelle Kilgore tapped away at his online homework with Jasmine the puppy on his lap in their South Los Angeles home.

a person lying on a couch with a dog: Jonelle Kilgore, 12, doing homework with his puppy Jasmine.

© Paul Vercammen/CNN
Jonelle Kilgore, 12, doing homework with his puppy Jasmine.

The 12-year-old boy and his dog sat on a couch in not just any home, but one made from four recycled shipping containers.


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“I like it, I liked moving in here,” Jonelle told CNN on a recent September day. “It’s a home for us.”

Two years ago Jonelle, his father John and four siblings received the keys to their four-bedroom container apartment and it seems like a glimmer of hope in the quest to get Los Angeles County’s estimated 66,000 homeless residents off the streets.

John Kilgore said his family constantly moved from floor to floor and the couches of anyone who would take them in. That is, until he got a call from homeless

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Oakland weighs banning homeless camps near homes, businesses, schools

As Oakland grapples with the worst homeless crisis in its history, elected officials could restrict the unsheltered from sleeping in parks, and near homes, businesses and schools.

The City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on the new policy, which will designate where people can set up encampments. The city would provide garbage service and sanitation and require makeshift structures to comply with fire and building codes.

City leaders said the new policy is a more humane approach to dealing with the unfolding crisis on Oakland’s streets because city support at the encampments means people won’t live in squalor. More than 3,200 people are unsheltered out of a total homeless population of more than 4,000.

The policy comes as residents and businesses have complained about the blight and public safety issues from encampments. Residents have protested drug dealing, fires and prostitution at tent clusters in their neighborhoods. Businesses say that

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