Is Selling Your Home Fast Actually a Good Idea?

Selling a home or investment property can be a daunting task. You want to get top dollar for it of course, but it’s also nice to get the money and close the sale as quickly as possible.

There may be certain instances when selling your property fast is actually a good idea, but more often than not, you’ll be leaving money on the table by selling too quickly. The balance between a quick sale and the right price can be difficult. Read on to figure out when it’s a good idea to sell your home fast and why.

Why would someone want to sell fast?

Real estate is very market dependent. High demand but low inventory drives real estate values up and may lead to bidding wars and fast sales regardless of price. Other markets may have a surplus of inventory with low demand, which leads to lower real estate

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Real Estate Q&A: Is it a bad idea to buy a foreclosed home? – Lifestyle –

Q: We are looking at a home in a great neighborhood but are nervous because the house was foreclosed by the bank, which is now selling it. Is this a bad idea?

— Jackie

A: Foreclosed homes sold by lender’s “REO” or real estate owned department can be bought at a favorable price, but there can be some downsides.

The same can be said for foreclosed homes bought by real estate investors on the courthouse steps.

If you take these potential issues into account, you could end up paying an excellent price for your new digs.

REO purchase contracts are very one-sided, so be sure to review the terms carefully. It would help if you also considered that your seller never lived in the home and might not have even visited

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