Does the right to protest include the right to hound someone in their home?

In the continuing protests over policing and racial injustice, the latest flash point is Evanston, Ill., where Northwestern University students and others are calling for the abolition of campus police.

Late on the night of Oct. 17, about 300 people marched to Northwestern President Morton Schapiro’s house, where they burned a banner and chanted, among other slogans, “piggy Morty,” an epithet Schapiro, who is an observant Jew, later blasted as bordering on anti-Semitic.

“I ask them to consider how their parents and siblings would feel if a group came to their homes in the middle of the night to wake up their families with such vile and personal attacks,” Schapiro wrote in an open letter.

It’s a good question — worth pondering regardless of what you think about abolishing the Northwestern campus police or any other controversial idea.

Demonstrations at people’s homes bring freedom of assembly into tension with

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What Does The Rent Include?

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