Jalapeno Poppers Cause Apartment Fire

A planned batch of jalapeño poppers caused an apartment fire July 19th, 2012 in Muncie, Indiana. The Muncie Fire Department was called to the Hurley C. Goodall Apartments complex at 1902 W. Eighth St. shortly before 11 am

Kimberly Hobbs, whose apartment was the source of the fire, said she was about to fix herself jalapeño poppers when a friend called and asked her for a ride. Hobbs said she had put a pot of grease on the stove before her friend called and forgot it was there as she left her apartment.

When she arrived back home, she said, "I saw smoke coming out and all of these fire trucks."

Fire officials on the scene said it appeared the pot of grease on the electric stove burner was the cause of the fire.

"It looks like the main body of fire was in the kitchen," Captain Paul Sykes said. … Read More