Are Nursing Homes Safe Now? Kansas Facility Sees All Residents Test Positive For COVID-19

A Kansas nursing home has seen all 62 of its residents test positive for COVID-19 along with an unspecified number of staff members.

The coronavirus outbreak at the Norton County, Kansas-based Andbe Home nursing home resulted in the death of 10 residents and one hospitalization, with the remaining patients being treated at the facility, the Norton County Health Department confirmed on Monday night.

The health department said in a statement that the residents were being quarantined in their rooms and were not being allowed outside visitors.

Kansas has reported an average of more than 700 new positive cases of the coronavirus and probable cases of the virus a day – the largest reporting since early March, CBS News reported.

With the risk of contracting the coronavirus higher in elderly adults, many nursing homes are seeing cases spike as the pandemic continues to wage on. At the height of the outbreak

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From home offices to high ceilings, Parade of Homes allows those in the Kansas City area to glimpse at trends in home building, decorating


One popular trend in new homes is visual interest in the ceiling, a room’s “fifth wall,” says Adrienne Morfeld of SAB Homes. Using beams is one way to create this interest. This four-bedroom home built by SAB Homes is located at 820 Bridgeshire Drive in Raymore.

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Those feeling cooped up in their own homes have a unique opportunity. They can look at houses that could make the pandemic months a little more bearable.

Through Oct. 25, the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City’s Fall 2020 Parade of Homes showcases new trends in home building. It’s happening at a time when many homeowners have turned a critical eye on their own homes.

Many experts predicted isolation due to the pandemic would cause relationships issues, and dissatisfaction with homes isn’t helping.

“I think a lot of people are feeling that way about their house,” said Adrienne Morfeld of SAB

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