Five Keys To Transforming Real Estate In Favor Of The Customer

CEO of Scout Realty; focused on clients, not commissions.

Disruptive technology has impacted the business of real estate significantly. However, not all customers are ready for a full VR experience when choosing something as financially significant and personal as their home. I believe that there will always be a need for and value from agents, but how does that traditional role function within the modern brokerage? The short answer is that it doesn’t.

Your future is not meant to be an extension of your past. It takes courage to risk, sacrifice and disrupt your own business to better serve the customer. But I’ve built my firm on the belief that client-centric brokerages are the future of the residential real estate industry, and I can tell you that this mindset shift is worth it.

This means creating a business environment where the client’s best interest is at the center

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6 Keys To Real Estate Negotiations

While there are numerous reasons, it makes sense, to use the services of, a quality, licensed, real estate professional, perhaps, the most important one, is, to hire someone, with significant, negotiating skills, and abilities, in order to help you, get the best possible results. Many factors impact, whether one gets you the finest results, you seek and need/ want, including, getting the homeowner, the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, and with, a minimum of hassle/ stress. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, and discuss, 6 keys to quality, professional, real estate negotiations.

1. Know client’s needs/ priorities, etc: The Listing Presentation should not be, merely, about the agent, telling the homeowner, what services he provides, and why he would be the person, for them! Rather, the process, and discussion, should start, focused on the potential client, articulating his needs, goals, … Read More

4 Keys to a Killer Real Estate Video

Video is quickly becoming an essential element in real estate marketing. Prices and technology have made video more accessible than ever before, and savvy brokers, property managers, and home sellers are beginning to take advantage of it. According to the National Association of Realtors, almost 90% of home owners polled said they’d prefer to hire a broker that uses video to market their home. However, only about 5% of brokers are currently using video. And even among them, the quality of those videos can vary greatly. Studies have also shown that listings with videos get about 4x as many clicks. This is of particular importance for vacation rental listings, because they have to sell themselves over and over, and thus depend even more on a high volume of web traffic.

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