Could Disney’s Layoffs Impact Real Estate in Florida and California?

Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) has had a rough time because of COVID-19. Its massive West Coast theme park Disneyland in Anaheim, California, has been closed since March 14, and its East Coast park, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, reopened with capacity restrictions in July. Because of this, the entertainment giant will be laying off 28,000 workers, mainly in these two main hubs. Most of the affected jobs are part-time positions, but some full-time employees are also being laid off.

Disney is a major contributor to the economy in both Orlando and Anaheim, and its reach extends far beyond the parks themselves. These locations host restaurants, hotels, shops, and other services that cater to tourists. Disney is also currently Central Florida’s largest employer.

The employee factor

With a current median home listing price of $650,000, Anaheim may not be affordable for all park workers to buy a home there. There

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