2 LexisNexis buildings up for sale in Miami Twp.

A building on the LexisNexis campus in Miami Twp. A CBRE “for sale” sign was in front of it Sept. 27. THOMAS GNAU/STAFF

Christian Rahe, a CBRE associate, said his firm is listing the first and second buildings in the complex, a fully-occupied data center and a vacant office building, respectively.

“We will be sending out to the national market this week,” Rahe said Monday. “Hoped to give the locals a little heads up prior to doing so.”

It’s not clear if the sale is driven at least in part by having more employees work from home or alternate locations during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Facebook, one employee says that colleagues will be “home-based, full-time on campus or sharing cubes/office.”

In early 2017, LexisNexis put up one of its campus buildings for sublease, a building known as B2. That was taken to be a sign that the company’s Dayton-area workforce

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