Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s role in getting women fair access to mortgage loans paved the way for female homeownership to rise

After buying a condo in southwest suburban Lemont last fall, Brittainy Barattia not only signed her name on the dotted line, but also her marital status.

“When you sign your homeownership paperwork, there are several times when you have to sign the state of your marital status,” she said. “And they have to read it to you, so it would be like, ‘For Brittainy Barattia, a single woman, Brittainy Barattia, a single woman.’ I’m like, ‘Mmm hmm, I get it. My mom gets it, too — she is hearing you right now.’”

Single women in the United States have outpaced single men when it comes to home ownership since the late 1980s, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. But it wasn’t until legal battles and a law guaranteeing equal access to credit passed just a few years earlier that women could buy homes independently.

And among the women who helped

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United Bankshares: Confident In The Q3 Results But Exposure To Commercial Loans Remains (NASDAQ:UBSI)


United Bankshares (UBSI) still needs to report its Q3 results and ahead of the release (next week), I noticed the option premiums have reached interesting levels as market makers are bracing for the uncertainty surrounding the Q3 results. An excellent cue for me to have a look at how the bank performed in the first half of the year and how the bank’s risk management department has been dealing with the balance sheet.

ChartData by YCharts

The H1 results indicate a strong profitability

In the first half of the year, United Bankshares saw its net interest income increase as the interest expenses decreased at a much faster pace than the interest income. This even accelerated in the second quarter as although the interest income decreased by a little bit less than 0.5%, the interest expenses decreased by more than 40% resulting in a $20M expansion of the net interest

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Mortgage provider Caliber Home Loans sets terms for $345 million IPO

Caliber Home Loans, a residential mortgage producer and servicer, announced terms for its IPO on Wednesday.

The Coppell, TX-based company plans to raise $345 million by offering 23 million shares (100% insider) at a price range of $14 to $16. At the midpoint of the proposed range, Caliber Home Loans would command a fully diluted market value of $1.8 billion.

With a diversified, customer-centric platform, Caliber Home Loans focuses primarily on the purchase market and is the second largest independent mortgage originator based on purchase volume since 2016. In the FY 2019, the company was the only mortgage provider to maintain a top 10 market position across all the retail, wholesale, and correspondent channels. 

Caliber Home Loans was founded in 1963 and booked $1.9 billion in revenue for the 12 months ended June 30, 2020. It plans to list on the NYSE under the symbol HOMS. Credit Suisse, Goldman

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What Are HUD 221d4 Loans?

Investors in multifamily homes may want to consider leveraging the considerable incentives and benefits offered by 221d4 loans. Offered through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and formally known as HUD Section 221d4, this program provides Federal Housing Administration (FHA) backing through approved lenders.

Perhaps the longest-term form of financing for fixed-rate construction and substantial rehabilitation (43 years with a three-year construction period), these kinds of HUD multifamily loans are available for newly built or substantially rehabilitated multifamily rental or cooperative housing or single-room occupancy (SRO) projects for moderate-income families, elderly, and the disabled.

There are no income limits for residents in a multifamily property funded by these loans, at least none imposed by the 221d4 program. And there’s no maximum limit on the size of the loans.

These are not necessarily low-income housing loans

As one approved lender, ADROC Capital, says, “FHA/HUD commercial loan programs are

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Ares Commercial Real Estate: This 13.8% Yielder Has 95% Senior Loans (NYSE:ACRE)

The commercial real estate sector remains a good place to find some bargains. In this article, I’m focused on Ares Commercial Real Estate Corp. (ACRE), whose stock price has fallen by 40% since the start of the year. While risks still remain, I believe the market has overly-punished this commercial mortgage REIT. I evaluate what makes this an attractive investment at present; so let’s get started.

(Source: Company website)

A Look into Ares Commercial Real Estate

ACRE is a commercial mortgage REIT that is externally-managed by the well-renowned investment manager, Ares Management (ARES). Through this affiliation, ACRE is able to leverage the Ares investment platform to obtain incremental deal flow and market intelligence from Ares’ broader resources, relationships, and experience.

What I like about ACRE is its conservatively-minded focus on senior mortgage loans, which comprises 95% of ACRE’s portfolio. Its portfolio is also well-diversified geographically, with 40% of its loans

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Non Performing Loans Vs REO Bank Owned Property – How Do They Differ?

To make real estate investing work for you, you must always take into consideration economic conditions that dictate which type of real estate investment is the best choice at any given time. Do you know your basics? What are Bank Owned REO Properties or non performing loans? What is the difference between the two? It is quite simple really.

Both non-performing loans and Bank Owned REO Properties are the unfortunate children of economic fall down. As economic crisis takes swing so does losing homes as struggling homeowners cannot keep up with loans and mortgages.

An adaptation of the well know children rhyme “First comes a non performing loan then a foreclosure” does well to illustrate the progression of distressed property handling and the major difference between the two concepts. Whereas they undoubtedly trod the same road, the difference in how far along the road each is.

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