This Luxurious Yellowstone, Montana, Condo Marries Old-World Charm with Rugged Western Appeal

From Veranda

Where does urbane east coast decorating end and western gusto begin? For Palmer Weiss, who recently designed a Montana ski condo for a young family, there’s no need to follow geographic formulas exactly. You can import elements of both and mix them with aplomb. Forgive her, Rudyard Kipling, but the twain can meet and even have fun together.

She should know. After all, Weiss grew up in Charleston, South Carolina; spent her summers in the neighboring mountains of North Carolina; and later wound up in San Francisco. Her clients, too, live in the Bay Area by way of the East Coast. And their customized condo at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana, is part of a fabled enclave that fans across 15,200 acres of rippling Rocky Mountain scenery—all of it so private that a family can ski on powdery slopes or hike alpine trails all day without

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Gianforte has Montana for sale | Letters

Any student of Montana history knows the boom/bust cycle of our economy. Each cycle created a boom in the economy followed by the bust when the resource was depleted. Montanans were inevitably saddled with the clean-up too. One such boom cycle, the copper era, was rife with corruption by the Copper Kings. They fought over the placement of the state capital, used personally owned newspapers to push their agendas, and bribed their way into office paying legislators for votes. The Corrupt Policies Act placed a 100-year ban on this corruption. Despite the best efforts of Steve Bullock, SCOTUS struck our law for Citizen’s United. This unleashed unlimited amounts of corporate and individual spending into our state. One campaign has used the loss of our rules to self-fund: Greg Gianforte. To date, he has loaned himself 7.7 million dollars. His corporate donors include charter schools, oil and gas, and real estate.

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Amid coronavirus outbreak and social unrest, weary city dwellers escape to Montana, creating a property gold rush

Their living room didn’t just seem bigger than the photos on Zillow that had led them to make a $559,000 offer after 24 hours in Montana, a place they had never been. The 2,300-square-foot house was twice the size of the two-bedroom condo they sold in Brentwood, Calif., before packing their cars and driving 16 hours northeast, released from the confines of the coronavirus pandemic and the jobs Robert had grown to hate and Valentina had lost.

This was the 19th walk-through their broker, Charlotte Durham, had done for out-of-state clients since Montana’s virus shutdown ended in late April and its real estate market flipped into hyperdrive. Buyers fleeing New York, Los Angeles and other densely populated U.S. cities say they want to leave the coronavirus clusters and social justice unrest behind.

Even as the state’s fierce winter looms, the transplants are pushing house prices to record levels. Some are

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United Country Real Estate Experiences Strong Growth in Montana

Butte, Mont., Oct. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — United Country Real Estate, the largest seller of country, mountain, land, ranch and lifestyle real estate, is experiencing dramatic growth in Montana as demand for property outside the city continues to soar across the country. Over the last three months, the company has experienced three record-breaking sales months in its 95 year history. 

States like Montana, which offers less noise and congestion, a lower cost of living and more, are seeing tremendous interest from both local and out-of-state buyers looking for country homes, vacation homes, ranchland, recreational property, waterfront homes and other non-urban real estate. Montana offers a unique range of all of these highly desired property types.

Newspapers in Montana are reporting some areas seeing huge increases in real estate sales this year, with the Big Sky area reporting over $1 billion in real estate sales during the summer months alone.

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