‘It’s so disrespectful’: Language dispute at Quebec condo building over COVID-19 sign – Montreal

Melina Migiakis is furious with the administration at the Ahuntstic-Cartierville condo building her elderly grandparents call home over posted signs about COVID-19 restrictions.

“It’s so disrespectful. It’s so degrading,” she told Global News.

Her anger was sparked by signs explaining COVID-19 measures banning people from accepting most visitors, written in French only. Her Greek immigrant grandparents don’t have a strong understanding of French.

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“We saw the signs about COVID-19 in the elevator. My mother and I had written on the note: ‘English, please.’ You know, we even called them. He never got back to us,” she said.

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In Echo of Toronto, Condos Start Flooding the Market in Montreal

(Bloomberg) — It’s not just Toronto. Montreal is seeing a flurry of condos being put up for sale, suggesting the city’s housing boom may be fading as the effects of the pandemic start to bite.


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New condo listings on the island of Montreal were up 72% in the third quarter, the biggest annual increase in 17 years, according to data from the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers. The greater Montreal area recorded a 61% jump.

A vibrant economy, steady flows of immigrants and affordable home prices compared with Toronto turned Quebec’s biggest city in a hot market in recent years. Now both cities are suffering from side effects of the Covid-19 crisis: Immigration has slowed, depressing the rental market in city centers, while some people who are doing their jobs from home are seeking more space in the suburbs.

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Beloved Plaza Pointe-Claire up for sale – Montreal

Nearly 62 years ago, Plaza Pointe-Claire was getting ready to open its doors for the very first time.

Known then as the Pointe-Claire shopping centre, it was an outdoor mall, full of mom-and-pop shops.

Today, the centre is still a haven for local stores, loved and visited by many — which is why news that the plaza is up for sale is upsetting for longtime clients.

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Iconic Pointe-Claire village windmill damaged in windstorm

“Oh God, no, let’s not do this,” said Michelin Beluse. “We’ve been through enough, this is 2020 — we don’t need this little place to shut down. It has everything we need here.”

A newspaper ad from 1958 to advertise the opening of Plaza Pointe-Claire, known then as the Pointe-Claire shopping centre.

A newspaper ad from 1958 to advertise the opening of Plaza Pointe-Claire, known then as the Pointe-Claire shopping centre.

Plaza Pointe-Claire

The mall has quietly been on the market for about a week. Management officially informed merchants on Wednesday morning.

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