Alabama tourist site with natural rock bridge up for sale

HAYLEYVILLE, Ala. (AP) — A tourist site in northern Alabama that is billed as having the longest natural rock bridge east of the Rocky Mountains is up for sale, and at least one legislator is interested in turning it into a state park.

The family that has owned Natural Bridge Park for 40 years is asking $3 million for the 149-acre site about 70 miles (113km) northwest of Birmingham, the Daily Mountain Eagle reported.

The park’s bridge is a roughly 150-foot-long (46m) rock arch that rises more than 60 feet (18m) high. The park also offers nature walks, picnic spots and a gift shop. It opened in 1954.

David Denton, whose parents Jimmie and Barbara Denton bought the park in 1980, told the Daily Mountain Eagle his siblings are not in a position to run the park now. Jimmie Denton died in 2018.

“That was their dream was to have

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Can a landlord demand rent if tenant can’t stay in apartment after a natural disaster?

Q: My sister leases an apartment in an area hit by a natural disaster and was forced to evacuate. Now she cannot return to her apartment due to damaged roads and is temporarily renting elsewhere. Her landlord is unwilling to work with her and is demanding rent even though it is impossible to use the apartment. What can she do? — Colleen

A: The law in most states provides that, at a minimum, when a property is damaged or destroyed by a disaster, the tenant can terminate the lease and find a new place to live.

If the home is only partially damaged, but the rest is still habitable, the rent will be reduced.

A lease can give tenants more rights than the statutory minimum, so every tenant should carefully review its terms. In your sister’s situation, the apartment is not damaged, just her ability to get back to it

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