Work on Your Apartment Neighboring Skills

In an apartment, living in such close proximity to others, there is no excuse for being a loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate neighbor.

Every single morning, without fail, I know exactly when my upstairs neighbor is leaving for the day, or walking their dog or whatever they are doing …… VERY EARLY. It is one of the first signs of being a naughty neighbor who is inconsiderate of their neighbors.

I want every Apartment-ite out there to please work on being a GOOD neighbor.

Always remember that you live in a community with other people, so try to be considerate, aware, and conscious of the little things that may bother those around you.

My upstairs neighbor lets their door SLAM shut in the wee hours of the morning, which seems to slightly shake the entire building and make a very loud echoing boom that I am sure can be heard several buildings … Read More