Manhattan’s Luxury Condo Market Sees Distress Opportunities

125 Greenwich Street (Photos by Sylvia Varnham O’Regan)

A partially built condominium in Manhattan’s Financial District cuts a melancholy figure on an overcast Saturday in August. The front of the building, an exposed checkerboard of unfinished apartments, stretches 912 feet upward into a fog of gray cloud. Two security guards mill about on the deserted pavement opposite.

Construction at 125 Greenwich Street has been stalled for months, and the developers, a group that includes Davide Bizzi’s Bizzi & Partners and Howard Lorber’s New Valley, are on a mission to see it over the finish line.

That may be tricky: The project is deep in debt, and two foreclosure actions filed before the pandemic hang over it. Sales were expected to begin closing by June 30. When that didn’t happen, Michael Feldman of Romer Debbas said, four of his clients who had bought units in the building took the developers up

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Opportunities In India’s Real Estate Market

Tushar is Founder & Managing Director at Studiokon Ventures Pvt Ltd, an office interior design company focused on turnkey solutions.

In the time of a pandemic, business leaders are facing challenging decisions. It’s a time that has forced leaders to think outside the box. When you step out, the most unexpected opportunities emerge. In the real estate sector of India’s economy, new opportunities spurred from office space and manufacturing needs are ready to be unlocked. 

India was already a global offshoring hub for some of the world’s largest corporations. Covid-19 hasn’t changed this fact, and as India’s lockdown eases up, early indicators are pointing to a sharp V-shaped recovery in 2021–2022. Retail car sales, toll collection and food sales are getting closer to pre-Covid-19 levels. After a monthslong hiatus, India’s top retailers have started scoping out space to open new retail outlets as footfalls and shopping in India’s

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In U.S. College Towns, Vacant Student Housing Poses New Opportunities for Buyers

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted back-to-school plans for millions of students this fall, including university students who normally pour into college towns in late August and generate major revenue for landlords who own off-campus housing.

With many colleges switching to remote coursework this semester—and perhaps more students than ever opting to take a gap year—much of the off-campus housing typically rented or purchased by students and their families is sitting empty. A survey of 1,050 full-time college students by the debt management company Student Loan Hero found that only half of students planned to return to campus this fall; of them, 34% said they would attend class in-person if given the option, while 16% said they would return to campus but take courses online. Roughly 29% of students plan to study online from home, according to the report, which was published in August.

In the Boston metro area, home to dozens

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Different Investment Opportunities in Property Markets

The real estate market thrives with many opportunities that give chance to people to earn. The portfolio is diverse such that there are also many investments to try.

Rental properties are among the most common of the real estate property investments. This is as simple as buying out the property and letting someone (tenant) rent it for some period as determined by a contract. While the landlord (property owner) is responsible for maintenance and tax dues, the tenant has the obligation to pay for the monthly rent.

The downside to this investment is if the landlord will have to deal with irresponsible tenants. These people do not care at all and can end up damaging the property.

If you’re not keen with this property investment, you can try the real estate investment group. It will let you buy apartment blocks, condo units or even townhouses with a single company acting … Read More