Housing Authority says HUD and Prokos “incompatible” | News

Easily accessible, affordable and safe housing in the Athens area has been a struggle for years, and it appears one less major landlord will be working with the Athens Metropolitan Housing Authority to provide Section 8 housing in the city.

According to David Mott, legal counsel for AMHA, earlier in the year it “became apparent” that Prokos Rentals’s business practices and the HUD program requirements “were growing incompatible.”

“Because of the incompatibility, there was no remediation plan that would have been feasible, and thus none was ever offered to Prokos Rentals,” Mott told The Messenger on Thursday. “The AMHA Board of Commissioners decided to wind down, and eventually end, its business relationship with Prokos Rentals and affiliated individuals and entities.”

The AMHA is tasked with providing decent, safe, and sanitary housing, in good repair, to low-income families at an affordable rent. According to the Housing Authority’s website, the AMHA screens

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