Protecting Intellectual Property: The Four Approaches

Our society is becoming one based more and more on information. Because of this, the ability to protect and profit from original intellectual property becomes more and more important to involved professionals: writers, photographers, software engineers, inventors, and cottage industries.

If you’ve got intellectual property (IP) you want to protect, you might be wondering exactly how to do it. There are four main ways to protect intellectual property: trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Read on to learn which IP protection would work best for you.

Trademarks: A trademark is a mark that distinguishes one business from another, such as a name, phrase, logo, symbol, image, or a combination of any of these elements. A trademark can also include a jingle or sound. Trademarks have recently come to include a variety of digital and electronic images.

Patents: Patents are intellectual property rights that protect an invention. Inventions must be … Read More