Mice invade, run rampant in Adirondack homes

EAGLE BAY — If they weren’t so cute – or if the rampage was being carried out by their despised biological cousins the rats – it might be the stuff of B-movie horror films.

Mice are running wild in some Adirondack communities, frustrating homeowners and keeping pest control firms hustling.

While the infestations appear to be localized, the numbers sound downright frightening with some homeowners trapping hundreds of the tiny rodents over the summer.

When it gets that bad they call people like Avery Menz, an exterminator whose Blue Ribbon Pest Control has offices in Rochester and in Herkimer County near Old Forge.

“I’ve have people catch over 200 mice. Two or three per night,” said Menz whose service area runs from Old Forge northeast toward Long Lake.

“We’re doing everything possible,” he said of the effort to keep the rodent population under control. The effort to eradicate includes the

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