Uber Founder Turns Real-Estate Mogul for Ghost Kitchen Startup

The former chief executive of

Uber Technologies Inc.

has been quietly assembling a mini real-estate empire over the past two years, acquiring closed restaurants, auto-body shops and warehouses for use in his new ghost kitchen venture.

Entities tied to Travis Kalanick’s CloudKitchens, a startup that rents out space to businesses that prepare food for delivery, have bought more than 40 properties in nearly two dozen cities for more than $130 million, according to a Wall Street Journal review of public property and corporate records and data from the commercial real-estate database Reonomy.

The analysis linked various limited-liability companies that own the properties to business addresses of CloudKitchens’ parent, City Storage Systems LLC, and to its senior leaders. These acquisitions include buildings from Portland, Ore., and Las Vegas to Columbus, Ohio, and Nashville.

While real-estate brokers said they were aware that Mr. Kalanick’s firm had been in the market, the extent

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How to make passive income from real-estate investing: ultimate guide

  • Passive income is a dream. Bringing in earnings from an enterprise in which you’re not actively involved is a goal for many investors.
  • And many passive-income seekers find that investing in real estate is a great way to get started. 
  • From renting vacation properties to wholesaling, investors can generate passive income streams using a host of wealth-building strategies.
  • Business Insider talked to both seasoned real-estate investors and industry experts to help you get started.
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Investing in real estate is a great way to generate passive income, not least because there’s more than one way to do it. 

The goal of passive-income generation is to create an income stream for an investor that is inherently, well, passive, with the investor not having to do much after the initial outlay to keep the money coming in.

Collecting rent is the classic example, but there

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The best real-estate markets in America, based on economic strength

  • If you’re interested in home buying, you should understand the housing market first. 
  • Home prices have been rising on average throughout the pandemic, even though supply and demand vary significantly nationwide based on location. 
  • Personal finance website WalletHub studied and ranked the best markets to buy a home in the US, where Boise topped the list, followed by Seattle.
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Whether you’re looking to invest or to find a new home, understanding the housing market is important before you purchase a property. 

And this year has been the right time to buy for many Americans, as interest rates have have hit record lows in recent months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite opportunity for some, home prices have been rising throughout the pandemic on average, even though supply and demand varies significantly nationwide based on location. 

To determine the best real-estate markets

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How to target a real-estate market for investment from student housing CEO

  • The off-campus student housing sector has shown stability during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • But like any real estate investment, a variety of factors go into making the right choice, and one of the most important is location.
  • In an interview with Business Insider, David Adelman, the CEO of Campus Apartments, broke down how he sources out his next locations for investment. 
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During the current economic downturn, real estate has proved resilient.

One sector in particular that has shown stability is student housing. A survey by CBRE found that as of late June 2020, leasing velocity for the fall semester was down just 2.3% compared to the same time last year.  In fact, David Adelman, the CEO of Campus Apartments, told Business Insider that his business has been weathering the pandemic well. 

“All in all, we are a couple percentage points behind a normal year,

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How Do Real-Estate Agents Show Homes During Covid? With Face Masks, Gloves and Some Ingenuity

Heather T. Roy & Learka Bosnak

Ms. Bosnak: Heather and I have been working together for 15 years and we are very comfortable doing showings together. Then Covid shut everything down. We did a showing and I came back completely frustrated, because we were wearing masks. I felt muzzled. I was constantly running around saying, “I’m smiling under here!” This business is all about rapport, comfort level.

Ms. Roy: We’re like, “We need new skills. We need people to know what we’re thinking, and we also need to know what they’re thinking.” It was almost like we needed a body language expert. I am single and I had met with a couple of matchmakers in L.A. One had her clients meet with a body language expert—Mark Edgar Stephens.

Ms. Bosnak: Heather’s still single, but we love this guy.

Ms. Roy: So we called Mark and told him what we were

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