A six-figure salary is required to buy a home in these cities

Even with a six-figure salary, it might not be a great idea to buy a house in San Francisco.

The most expensive city in the U.S  to buy a home is San Francisco, where homebuyers need a $206,760 salary to live comfortably and buy a house. One of the most affordable places to buy a house was Jackson, Miss., where homebuyers only need $44,129 a year to buy a home and keep up with other living costs, according to an analysis of Zillow, Urban Institute and Census data by Finder, an Australian fintech company.

“Keeping their salary in mind, this can give people an idea whether it will always be difficult [to make housing payments with cost of living]. Prospective homeowners can look at other options [locations] and find a place to work that’s going to be more comfortable for their finances,” said Britny Lawhorn, assistant publisher of mortgages at

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Is Home Insurance Required When You Buy a House?

If you’re buying a home, one question you might wonder is this: Is home insurance required when you own a house?

In many cases, homeowners insurance is indeed mandatory—and even in cases where it isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s still a good idea. To help you understand why, we’ve put together this Home Buyer’s Guide to Home Insurance, which will help walk you through what you need to know from beginning to end.

In this first article, we’ll introduce you to what homeowners insurance is, why it’s often essential, and what can go wrong if you don’t have it.

What is homeowners insurance?

With home insurance, as with other types of coverage (including health insurance), you pay a relatively small amount of money either monthly or annually in exchange for the promise that your provider will help you pay for unexpected costs you might incur as a homeowner.

What can

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