DOD Contractor Cybersecurity Rule Brings New FCA Risks

Law360 (October 21, 2020, 5:24 PM EDT) — The U.S. Department of Defense recently published an interim rule to establish new methods for assessing contractor implementation of cybersecurity requirements.[1] The interim rule presents new and significant areas of potential liability for contractors under the False Claims Act.

Most notably, the interim rule will require many contractors to conduct a self-assessment of their cybersecurity and submit, as a condition for award, a summary-level score reflecting the state of their compliance. This requirement creates FCA risks that contractors should fully understand and appreciate before the interim rule takes effect on Nov. 30, and which may require prompt action thereafter to enhance…

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For sale: 100 Namibian buffalos, buyers must ‘bear all risks’

WINDHOEK (Reuters) – Namibia has put 100 of its buffalos up for sale in a bid to ease pressure on grazing land after a drought.

FILE PHOTO: A Cape Buffalo rests with her newborn calf born at a zoo in Pretoria, South Africa, January 1, 2000. REUTERS/Juda Ngwenya

The government said it would auction the powerful wild animals to anyone at home or abroad who could meet welfare and legal criteria. But its newspaper advert for the sale warned: “The buyer will bear all risks.”

The most likely buyers will be game farmers – people who rear animals for big game hunters to shoot – environment ministry spokesman Romeo Muyunda said on Friday.

Buffalos, considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa, are prized by sports hunters and their meat is also widely eaten.

The 70 female and 30 male buffalos from Waterberg Plateau Park in central Namibia had

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