Elmwood Park preps for major road construction, tax increases | Local News

ELMWOOD PARK — As the Village of Elmwood Park and its roughly 505 residents prepare for a major road reconstruction project that will cost millions over the next few years, the village’s 2021 budget is set to be presented this week.

At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 8, the budget will be presented during a Board of Trustees meeting at 3131 Taylor Ave.

Christophe Jenkins


Entering that presentation, the village is expected to have a 31% increase in its tax levy revenue, because the village is beginning borrowing for its debt obligation related to the road reconstruction project. That borrowing, of $815,000, was approved by the Village Board in August. And that borrowing led to a principal and interest payment of around $60,000, Village Administrator Christophe Jenkins explained in an email, which “is the reason for the 1.5 increase in the Village tax rate.”

That multiyear project will replace all of

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On Commack Road Sits a School District Property Known As The

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

Wilson Tech students built this school house as part of their carpentry projects in the 1990s
Wilson Tech students built this school house as part of their carpentry projects in the 1990s (Commack Community Association)

Board member. Her will required that the district allow her niece to continue to live on the farm and commanded the 9 acre farm be used for educational purposes. It was used for class trips, a Wilson Tech carpentry and animal husbandry program for many years. In 2010, the district board and superintendent contracted to sell it to a developer for 38 condo units for $750,000,subject to public approval . In June 2010, the recently formed Commack Community Association rallied residents, who remembered this farm well and defeated the land sale in a required public vote. In 2011-12, a petition was given to the school superintendent , signed by about 2000 residents, hoping to save

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Sonoma County Selects Buyer For 71-Acre Chanate Road Property

SONOMA COUNTY, CA— A buyer has been found for 71-acre Chanate Road Campus property, the former home of Sutter Hospital in Santa Rosa.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to select Newport Beach-based Village Partners, LLC, as the high bidder to purchase the property for nearly $7.8 million.

In a deal expected to close escrow Dec. 31, Village Partners, a real estate development company, offered $7,795,000 for the property as-is, including all existing buildings and without entitlements.

“I’m thrilled that the board is moving forward with this bid by Village Partners,” said Susan Gorin, chair of the Board of Supervisors. “We believe that we have secured the best deal possible for Sonoma County taxpayers, and while our Board is only approving a land sale and not the development, we do hope to see this property used to address Sonoma County’s housing shortage.”

The sale of this surplus land

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Why Road Frontage on Commercial Property is So Valuable

How many feet of road frontage does the property have?

This question is among the most important when assessing the value of commercially zoned property in a city or county. For some, the reason as to why this question is so important may seem rather obvious. However, there are multiple reasons why investors, developers, builders and business owners want to have large amounts of road frontage on their commercial properties.

For business owners, it is best for them to have their stores located conveniently to their customers. If they are on a main highway or road, they will have great visibility to the traffic going by. This can quite possibly bring customers into their stores that they normally wouldn’t see through their normal marketing. Also, a customer new to the location can find the store much more easily when in the line of sight. Visibility on major road frontage is … Read More