South Fayette, Scott area real estate transactions for the week of Oct. 25


Daniel Mullen sold property at 1571 Critchfield Drive to Scott Andrew and Ashley Hamilton for $267,500.


Kyle McIvor sold property at 559 Boquet St. to Laura Young for $157,000.


Donna Kazan Weaver sold property at 2 Sixth St. to David Matthew Yurchak and Jennifer Wischmann for $161,000.

Cortez Lequon Allen sold property at 400 Jonquil Ln to Nickolas and Cheri Ionadi for $437,000.

Eugene Pocci sold property at 735 Marigold Ct to Gregory and Donna Zeis for $420,000.

Gene David Czambel sold property at Thoms Run Road to Marissa Stakeley for $1,500.

Green Tree

Donna Perry sold property at 108 Parkedge Road to Brenden and Danielle Crespo for $184,500.

Estate of Cheryl A Isoda Chiaramonte sold property at 119 Reed Drive to Moni Kumar and Dhan Siwa for

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Is Jonathan Scott a Real Contractor?

Jonathan Scott, along with his twin brother Drew Scott, is a staple on HGTV with the Property Brothers show. In a sea of home improvement shows, the Scott brothers have become a standout success with this show, Brother vs. Brother, and several other home improvement and real estate endeavors. The Canadian duo got their start when they were in college and saw an opportunity to fill a niche. They bought a house and then rented it to students for a healthy monthly income. Little did the Scott brothers know, this idea would earn them fame and hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Jonathan Scott smiling in front of a blue background
Jonathan Scott | Jason Mendez/Getty Images

Scott’s rise to HGTV fame

From the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada to the screens of millions of people all over the world, Scott has built a business with his twin brother using the skills he learned on that campus in

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Scott, Upper St. Clair area real estate transactions for the week of Oct. 18

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Kerrie Leigh Kirkwood sold property at 1445 Critchfield Drive to Megan Guterl for $203,500.

Adem Erkam Kose sold property at 1245 Vesper St. to Steven and Serafina Berringer for $110,000.


John Benham sold property at 10 Federal Ave. to Sean Thomas Rieger for $149,000.

Anastasios Makripodis sold property at 42 Lorraine Pl to Terry and Rebecca Tokarczyk for $315,000.

Stacy Lane sold property at 320 Newkirk St. to KS Max Property LLC for $71,706.


Amy Ackman sold property at 3 Fifth St. to Jordan Hamilton for $180,000.

Stambrosky Homes Inc. sold property at 1022 Colony Drive to Jason and Casey Hinds for $125,000.

Karen Straub sold property at 2170 English Turn Drive to Maxwell and Sara Cahn for $565,000.

Michael Lewandowski sold property at 1030

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