A Hamptons House for the Private and the Social

The interior designer Robert Stilin relishes a good project, and one of his favorites has been his own house — a 5,000-square-foot, L-shaped residence in East Hampton, N.Y., that he helped design and outfitted in rustic modern décor. He proudly showcases the property in a recent book on interiors.

“It has a depth and warmth to it,” said Mr. Stilin, who raised his son, Dylan, there as a single father and frequently entertained clients and friends. “This house I layered with 18 years of life experience and travel. I took the past and mixed it with the present.”

Building materials were carefully chosen. The wainscoting inside is maple and the shiplap walls poplar, while ash used for the ceilings and floors came from the Stilin family’s lumber company in Mellen, Wis. The layout, too, was planned so that most rooms look out on the secluded backyard.

So why, then, is

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Amid coronavirus outbreak and social unrest, weary city dwellers escape to Montana, creating a property gold rush

Their living room didn’t just seem bigger than the photos on Zillow that had led them to make a $559,000 offer after 24 hours in Montana, a place they had never been. The 2,300-square-foot house was twice the size of the two-bedroom condo they sold in Brentwood, Calif., before packing their cars and driving 16 hours northeast, released from the confines of the coronavirus pandemic and the jobs Robert had grown to hate and Valentina had lost.

This was the 19th walk-through their broker, Charlotte Durham, had done for out-of-state clients since Montana’s virus shutdown ended in late April and its real estate market flipped into hyperdrive. Buyers fleeing New York, Los Angeles and other densely populated U.S. cities say they want to leave the coronavirus clusters and social justice unrest behind.

Even as the state’s fierce winter looms, the transplants are pushing house prices to record levels. Some are

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Modest profits, social impact fuel investors’ plan for more downtown Indy homes

Social impact investors are aiming for an elusive middle ground in Center Township. 

‘This will become part of a neighborhood’: Vop Osili talks 16 Tech development on west side



They want to revive middle-income residential housing options with midsize profits for investors.

Full Circle Development aims to renovate or build 300 homes over five years and draw more homeowners back to the central part of town.

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Center Township’s residential population has dropped from 340,000 in 1950 to 140,000 in 2018. Scattered neighborhood comebacks have been encouraging — Fall Creek Place and Fountain Square are examples. Yet the township still has 6,000 vacant lots and few middle-income options. Older-home restorations tend to be too expensive for middle-income buyers.

a view of a city: Construction has just finished on this new three-level home at 818 Olive St. in Fountain Square.

© RC Fine Portraits
Construction has just finished on this new three-level home

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Social Distance In Style In This Luxury Former Cold War Bunker In London

Do unusual homes require a different kind of sales marketing? The owner of this converted Cold War bunker in northwest London clearly thinks so.

The sales particulars for this 10,000-square-foot concrete house describes it as a “pandemic refuge”, and says that it anticipates buyers from the following categories: “a secretive businessman, celebrity avoiding paparazzi, young or old playboy, trophy hoarder, car collector, original thinker, eccentric intellectual.”

The owner, rather than the selling agent, came up with the quirky description, according to a spokesperson for FW Gapp, the estate agency selling the grade II listed property, which is on sale for $12.9 million and lies in the suburb of Mill Hill.

The Cold War relic, once part of

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Using Social Media To Sell Your Property

I would assume that when you decided to become an FSBO and sell your property, you have done your homework and researched on how to be an FSBO. If you haven’t then I urge you to first research on what to expect when you sell your property as an FSBO. Now if you’re able to do your homework, you might have come across some articles that states that there are about 90 percent of for-sale-by-owner that fail to sell their property. However, you have to also understand that this number may not be accurate as the success of an FSBO would highly depend on how much effort you put in. It is not enough to have your property to have a for sale sign, you also have to make every effort to make sure that you will be able to put your property for sale in front of as many … Read More