20 Home Office Upgrades For A More Attractive Working Space

These days, having a comfortable at-home workspace is a priority. And, considering how many hours of the day are spent in front of a laptop, it’s well worth investing in pieces to create a space that’s not only comfortable but also looks nice. But for anyone whose work-from-home setup is a dining table and folding chair or a makeshift desk, creating a home office that’s both practical and attractive can be a challenge. 

Here’s the good news: You don’t necessarily need a lot of room to do it. Myriad space-saving options are out there, from ladder desks that look great in the living room to desks that are compact enough for an office nook, but can be easily tucked away into a hall closet. Office chairs covered in rich-looking fabric like velvet or suede are stylish enough to be the centerpiece of a room, and accessories like rolling file

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‘Love It or List It’ Reveals Where Extra Space Is Hiding in a Small House

On “Love It or List It,” now in its 17th season, co-hosts David Visentin and Hilary Farr have met countless homeowners who claim they’ve outgrown their homes.

But is their house truly too small, or do they just need some help redesigning their space?

That’s the question at the heart of the latest episode, “Downtown Disconnect,” where parents Sunita and Bijal claim there just isn’t enough room in their house anymore for their family of four. So, real estate agent Visentin starts searching for bigger homes they could buy in the area, while designer Farr tries to renovate the space they have to persuade them to stay.

While the house does seem tiny, Farr works wonders to make the space feel bigger, while also carving out space for a home office, small mudroom, and more. Here’s how she does it, which might inspire you to head off looking for hidden

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What to look for in a contractor who would convert your crawl space into a basement

A: Anybody buying such a dilapidated house needs to negotiate a really good deal. The good news is that the old foundation can be removed and replaced with a new cast-concrete foundation, creating a full basement. The task is not much different than eating an elephant. You just take one bite at a time.

Hanna’s question reminded me of a fascinating time early in my building career. Fresh out of college, I had just rehabbed my first house in Cincinnati. It didn’t need a new foundation, but it was otherwise in pretty bad shape. Four months of work transformed the house back to its former glory.

About a half-mile away, a developer wanted to put in a small shopping mall, but there were about 10 houses and an apartment building in the way. Not only did he buy all these properties, but he proceeded to move them about a

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San Francisco rent prices down 31% as former residents abandon city for more space, cheaper housing amid COVID-19 pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — A new report on housing prices in the Bay Area released Tuesday reveals an obvious trend: people are fleeing high-priced San Francisco for less expensive locations.

According to Realtor.com, the average price for a studio apartment in San Francisco has gone down 31% compared to last September.

That number represents the largest rent price drop for any county in the country, according to Realtor.com.

The monthly price for a one-bedroom in San Francisco has also gone down.

RELATED: San Francisco sees record-breaking drop in rent prices amid pandemic, according to Zumper data

The average price is now $2,873, down 24.2% compared to last September.

Housing prices in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, the heart of Silicon Valley, also took a dip in value.

The average price of a one-bedroom went down 12.5% and 12% respectively year over year.

Lisa Choi has been a resident of

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Temporary Walls to Section Off Your Apartment’s Space

A lot of individuals these days are choosing to have a roommate live with them in order to be able to make ends meet. The recession is still affecting a multitude of people adversely. So, in order to cut back on some of the stress it is fairly common to see people in NYC asking for roommates. All you need to do is install temporary walls in your present apartment, and you will be able to have a roommate stay with you, without being burdened by having them in your living space.

A temporary wall is nothing like a traditional wall, where excessive work has to be done to it. In fact, a lot of landlords do not have any problems with one of these walls being erected, because they go up pretty easy and they can be taken down accordingly as well.

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Maximizing The Tight Balcony Space On Your Apartment

Modern apartments are some of the most popular properties today may be because they are affordable to the young adults they target and are usually in close proximity to what matters most to them. Apartments are also very popular residential options for other target groups for a number of reasons. Unfortunately most come with very small balconies making it hard for some to find the relaxation that should be offered by this area. But with a little creativity, you can still enjoy chilling out on the balcony and have it looking amazing the size notwithstanding. Here are some very simple things you can do to transform that tight space.

Choose few but multipurpose furniture pieces

Chairs, a table or a lounger are some of the items that can be on the balcony considering that is it supposed to be your relaxation spot. But with only a small space available in … Read More