Prospective owner of Holyoke nursing home says it won’t limit number of residents who opt to stay

HOLYOKE — Connecticut-based iCare Health Network, which is seeking ownership of Mount Saint Vincent Care Center, said it “will not impose any limitation or quota” on how many residents may decide to stay at the 125-bed skilled nursing facility for short-term rehabilitation and long-term care.

The company was asked about its reported initial estimate that just 10 residents would remain at Mount Saint Vincent, which under iCare and with state approval, would take residents from Farren Care Center, a Franklin Country nursing home for residents with both psychiatric as well as medical conditions that is proposed for closure.

“The application submitted to the Department of Public Health required us to submit projections that included a conservative estimate of approximately how many existing Mount Saint Vincent residents would choose to remain,” said David Skoczulek, spokesperson for iCare Health Network.

“We were required to submit this estimate prior to obtaining access to

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Can a landlord demand rent if tenant can’t stay in apartment after a natural disaster?

Q: My sister leases an apartment in an area hit by a natural disaster and was forced to evacuate. Now she cannot return to her apartment due to damaged roads and is temporarily renting elsewhere. Her landlord is unwilling to work with her and is demanding rent even though it is impossible to use the apartment. What can she do? — Colleen

A: The law in most states provides that, at a minimum, when a property is damaged or destroyed by a disaster, the tenant can terminate the lease and find a new place to live.

If the home is only partially damaged, but the rest is still habitable, the rent will be reduced.

A lease can give tenants more rights than the statutory minimum, so every tenant should carefully review its terms. In your sister’s situation, the apartment is not damaged, just her ability to get back to it

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Renovating? Reduce Frustration With a Short Term Stay Apartment

Are you renovating, remodeling, or enduring major repairs at home? It’s not easy to live in the midst of a renovation. The noise, the dust, the disorder… it can get very wearing on your nerves. And if you’re living in the midst of a home that’s being renovated, there’s a good chance that your living in it during the work will make the whole process take longer than if you could get out of the space and let the workers do as they need…get it done, get it cleaned, and get out of there. Have you considered looking into short term stay accommodations for a month or a few months while the work is taking place?

No, this isn’t to recommend you staying in a hotel. Hotels aren’t very practical for stays longer than a week or two and that’s especially the case if you have a family and / … Read More