Thousands of stolen tools from Home Depot found in Katy home

Investigators believe the tools may have been stolen from Home Depot stores in the Houston area, as well as other states.

KATY, Texas — Thousands of stolen power tools were found in a Katy’s man home after he was arrested on drug charges, according to the Harris County Constable’s Precinct 5 Office. 

The value of the stolen tools, believed to be taken from several Home Depot stores, is estimated to be more than a million dollars. 

Precinct 5 deputies said they were working alongside the Texas Department of Public Safety when they served a search warrant Wednesday at Steven Lane Skarritt’s home in the 1500 block of Hoveden. 

While inside the home, they found “floor-to-ceiling, organized stacks of power tools, toolsets and other items” they believed to be stolen from several Home Depot stores in the Houston area, as well as other states. 

“They would take the stuff and just

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Wisconsin man accused of killing man over stolen reptiles

WAUPACA, Wis. – A Wisconsin man accused of killing a young man in a dispute over stolen reptiles has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide.

Bill Zelenski, 44, of Waupaca, is accused of shooting the 18-year-old late Monday. The victim’s name was not immediately released, but the victim’s mother, Tiffany Powell, 34, was charged with first degree intentional homicide as party to a crime.

Their attorney did not immediately return a call seeking comment Thursday.

The dispute was over $27,850 worth of reptiles and equipment, WLUK-TV reported. Waupaca County Judge Ramond Huber ordered Zelenski held without bond. Powell was jailed on a probation hold, but the judge also set a $500,000 cash bond.

According to a criminal complaint, Zelenski called authorities Monday night to identify two young people who he said burglarized his home last week. According to the complaint, several reptiles — including Mexican bearded lizards worth $17,000 —

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FBI returns painting stolen by Nazis to owner’s heirs

In 1933, Rudolf Mosse’s heirs used the power of his publishing company to critique Nazis, who said Jews like them were inferior.

So the Nazi party targeted the newspaper’s publisher, Hans Lachmann-Mosse, and many of the company’s Jewish staff members, forcing them to flee as they looted Mosse’s paintings, including one of a woman and a man walking in the snow titled, “Winter.”

But on Thursday, almost 90 years since the Nazis embarked on their evil regime, the FBI in Albany symbolically returned “Winter” to Mosse’s heirs.

“Injustices do not stand — no matter how long ago they were committed,” acting United States attorney Antoinette T. Bacon said, as she stood behind a podium in the virtual repatriation ceremony. “I’m thrilled that we are able to provide a measure of restitution to the Mosse family, who suffered a great injustice many years ago.”

To Bacon’s left was the golden-framed painting,

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