10 Strategies For Boosting Profitability Now As A Real Estate Agent

Are storm clouds on the horizon for Zillow? Do you want a proven strategy for defeating iBuyers? Would you like to generate and convert more listing leads?

Last week’s Inman Connect Now was packed with valuable tips to help you become profitable now. Here are some noteworthy takeaways — plus a few pro tips to take your strategies a step further. 

1. Is it time to stop paying for internet leads?

One of the hottest stories this fall has been Zillow’s decision to launch a brokerage. Mark Johnson, CEO of JP and Associates Realtors, shared a survey showing 73 percent of agents did not plan on advertising on Zillow in 2021. 

When Stephanie Anton and Matt Borland of The Corcoran Group polled Inman attendees during their breakout group, they also found 72 percent did not plan to market on Zillow in 2021. Could this spell trouble for Zillow’s revenue model?

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Commercial Real Estate Agent Prospecting Facts and Strategies

When you work as a commercial real estate agent or broker, it is essential that you develop and implement a prospecting program to generate new business leads. It is a personal process and it is not something that you can or should delegate.

I am amused sometimes when I hear that an agent has paid considerable money to a marketing company to ‘cold call’ their entire sales territory or market segment looking for leads and prospects to serve. Delegating the prospecting process to a marketing company or another ‘unskilled person’ is a waste of time and money. Commercial real estate is an industry built around personal relationships and trust; a marketing company or employed canvasser cannot offer that level of communication or service.

So why would a real estate agent employ such a ‘marketing firm’ to make prospecting calls? The answer in most cases is glaringly obvious; the agent doesn’t … Read More

Sales Meeting Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today

In commercial real estate brokerage, the weekly sales meeting can be a powerful tool when it comes to building the market share momentum for the real estate business and the sales team. The meeting can be well planned to achieve positive leverage and momentum across the agency.

With most agencies today, the weekly sales meeting is a good idea to keep the agents on focus and task. That being said, an agenda is required to achieve that. Minutes should also be created from the meeting to track and measure the efforts of individuals. Good salespeople thrive on positive recognition and individual performance tracking. They understand the benefits of the process.

Weekly sales meetings should occur in the mornings before the business day commences. They should also take no longer than 1 hour so that that the team can get back to the marketplace and the daily activities required.

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