HUD Secy Ben Carson pitches new homelessness strategy

Transient camps like those under I-35 in downtown Austin are a common sight and have increased across town since the city council repealed the camping ban ordinance last June.

On Wednesday during a panel discussion with HUD Secretary Ben Carson, that approach to homelessness was held up as a failed strategy.

“Some people think compassion is, there, there you poor little thing I’m going to take care of you, that’s not compassion. Compassion is how do I get this person to realize their potential,” said Secretary Carson.


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Your Best Strategy for Increasing Sales From Your Laptop

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If there is one silver lining that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s definitely the widespread adoption of remote work. This cost-effective solution allows tech entrepreneurs to attract the best talents without the restrictions of geography.

That shift was followed with the need to make video conferencing the norm, whereas before it used to be considered a backup. It turns out that video conferencing has shown to foster better teamwork while improving relationships. 

Then there are other tools that are also needed, for project management and collaborative purposes. These include the likes of Monday, Trello, Asana, and Slack.

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But what about sales teams? What’s out there for them in these post-pandemic remote-working days? 

Sales teams need to be equipped with more than a

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Real Estate Investment Strategy That Can Earn You $1 Million Equity Within 5 Years

Did you know that based on the Federal Reserve’s Sept 2020 bulletin report, the average net worth for a US household is $749,000 while the median net worth for a US household is $121,700?  The main difference between the median and average numbers is because median value looks at the middle value of the full set of numbers which is more indicative of a typical household. This also represented the huge disparity of wealth in our country. Furthermore, according to the report, homeowners have a median net worth of $255,000 which is four times more than the renters’ median net worth of $6,300. So why wouldn’t you become a homeowner or a real estate investor if you are seeking for greater financial security? 

In my previous articles, I had shared a strategy to flip an apartment building without selling it

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