8 Ways to Make Money in a Turbulent Market

a person in glasses looking at the camera: A businesswoman looks at a floating interface screen full of data.

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A businesswoman looks at a floating interface screen full of data.

The stock market volatility we’ve been seeing recently may be a taste of things to come over the next few weeks. The election, and its aftermath, could contain a few surprises that might shock the financial markets, at least temporarily.

a person in glasses looking at the camera: A businesswoman looks at a floating interface screen full of data.

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A businesswoman looks at a floating interface screen full of data.

In fact, you could say that volatility is about to enter a new bull market. At least, that’s my expectation.

The modern U.S. political climate has probably never been more polarized than it is today. Both sides of the political spectrum tend to regard one another with a mixture of contempt and disgust — and neither side seems eager to seek compromise.


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Gone are the days when the Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill would go out for

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Spaceship ‘tiny home’ up for sale in Christchurch

a small airplane sitting on top of a grass covered field: Built in Christchurch in the early 1970s, the original Futuro is said to be among eight or nine left.

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Built in Christchurch in the early 1970s, the original Futuro is said to be among eight or nine left.

A listing for an original Christchurch Futuro home with no set asking price is racking up dozens of enquiries on Trade Me. 

Produced in the early 1970s by Futuro Homes Limited in Christchurch, the house resembles a UFO spaceship. New Zealand is among a handful of countries that had a production license, which was halted by the oil crisis.

The seller, who wishes to remain anonymous, estimates there are around eight or nine Futuro homes left in the country. He first took possession of the Futuro in 2006 when it was moved from a site in Pages Road, New Brighton. It’s been on the Christchurch Botanical Gardens archery lawn and at Cathedral Square.

Fourteen years later, due to a change in direction,

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Established Tauranga Mineral Pool Complex For Sale As A Going-Concern


For the first time in nearly 30
years, a popular Bay of Plenty business which taps into the
region’s unique underground natural geothermal water
resource, along with its associated land and buildings, is
on the market for sale.

Set on a 2.15ha native bush
clad site, Fernland Spa is a well-established recreational
operation offering a range of thermal mineral pools, picnic
and function areas, a small camping ground, additional
visitor accommodation and a manager’s dwelling.

freehold property lies on the eastern side of Cambridge Road
in the established Tauranga suburb of Bethlehem

Having first opened to the public in the
mid-1970s, Fernland Spa has been in the same family
ownership since 1989. Its owners are now looking to move on
in a new direction after investing significant time and
money into the seven-day-a-week business and

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Retirees, Make the Most of Your Home Equity

A debt-free retirement has been the ideal scenario for so long that older adults often overlook a valuable financial resource: their home. Collectively, homeowners age 62 and older have a record $6.5 trillion of “tappable” equity, according to data analytics firm Black Knight. Individually, home equity accounts for more than a quarter to almost half of the median net worth of retirees, depending on age, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. 

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Many financial planners believe tapping that wealth in retirement or just before makes sense if done wisely for the right reasons. For instance, the money can be used for some laudable goals: to pay off higher-priced credit card debt, remodel a home with features to help you age in place, delay taking Social Security until you qualify for the maximum payout, buy long-term care insurance or pay the tax bill for a Roth

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J.C. Penney Says It’s Worked Out A Deal With Sale Objectors

Law360 (November 2, 2020, 5:16 PM EST) — A Texas bankruptcy judge Monday postponed a hearing on J.C. Penney’s proposed Chapter 11 sale after the retail chain told him it had struck a deal with noteholders and unsecured creditors that had voiced objections to the plan.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge David Jones was scheduled to hear arguments on J.C. Penney’s $1.75 billion sale plan Monday afternoon, but adjourned the hearing for a week after a Monday-morning filing by the retailer saying it had reached separate agreements in principle with the unsecured creditors committee and a noteholder group that had put forward an alternative sale proposal.

“Now, with widespread consensus…

Stay ahead of the curve

In the legal profession, information is the key to success. You have to know what’s happening with clients, competitors, practice areas, and industries. Law360 provides the intelligence you need to remain an expert and beat the

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Symphoria performances continue; audiences attend at their homes

From her living room sofa, long-time Symphoria ticket holder Jean Edminster says she feels as if she’s front-row center as she enjoys each performance of the 2020-21 season from the comfort of home. She’s looking forward to a Masterworks, Nov. 7, and a Casual series concert, Nov. 22.

“I’m not disappointed that I can’t take my usual seat at the Civic Center auditorium,” Edminster, a former elementary school teacher and Syracuse Symphony Association Board member, says. “This year, I’m watching all the concerts through Vimeo—even the Kids Series—and it’s as if I’m right up front. I love seeing the musicians and conductors from that viewpoint.”

Music Director Lawrence Loh will conduct the Nov. 7 concert that programs the music of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Antonin Dvorak. Loh will present a pre-concert talk for ticket holders, who can sign into their Vimeo accounts one hour prior to the 7:30

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State Taxes on the Ballot 2020 — Pot, Real Estate and More

David Muhlbaum: When America votes, it doesn’t just pick its leaders. It also makes a lot of direct decisions on tax policy. State taxes, that is. Senior tax editor Rocky Mengle joins us in our main segment to talk ballot initiatives across the country, including one that would close the Lebowski loophole. Yes, that’s a reference to the dude. Sandy and I will also discuss the new retirement savings limits and how the coronavirus pandemic may have actually improved the new car buying experience. That’s all ahead on this episode of Your Money’s Worth. Stick around.

David Muhlbaum: Welcome to Your Money’s Worth. I’m Kiplinger.com senior editor David Muhlbaum, joined by senior editor Sandy Block. Sandy, how are you?

Sandy Block: Doing great, David.

David Muhlbaum: Good. We talked about numbers out of Washington a few weeks ago, the 2021 cost of living adjustment for Social

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Giving Real Estate Buyer’s An Advantage In Today’s Market

This post is sponsored and contributed by a Patch Brand Partner. The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.

(Alliance Group EXP Realty)

This is a paid post contributed by a Patch Community Partner. The views expressed in this post are the author’s own, and the information presented has not been verified by Patch.

Are you in the market to buy real estate anywhere in the USA? Are you not winning the bids for homes because of multiple offer situations? We have the solution to give you Mr. / Mrs. Buyer a better chance at winning and sealing the deal. By teaming ourselves with the brightest Realtors and service providers such as lenders, title and real estate attorneys, we brainstormed on how we can help our customers win. And with interest rates at these unbelievably low rates, is it worth losing your dream home over what maybe just

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E-commerce sparks a new real estate investment trend

Photo / Supplied.

Shift to ordering online drives new real estate trend, experts say.

A new form of investment in commercial property is being driven by New Zealand’s increasing preference for e-commerce and the safety and convenience of contactless home delivery.

Residential real estate might be the first thought of many when it comes to safe-harbour investments. However, managing them is not everyone’s cup of tea – and commercial real estate can provide a strong alternative investment proposition for investors looking for reliable returns with no hands-on involvement.

The barrier to entry has typically been the multi-million dollar price tag, says Mark Campbell, Chief Investment Officer of Auckland firm Jasper, which bills itself as a smarter, better way to invest in commercial property.

The company was formed almost two years ago to provide an alternative to the standard property syndication model, he says. It has taken the concept online, employing

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3 Cannabis Stocks to Buy for a Potentially Huge ‘Blue Wave’ Catalyst

To put it frankly, cannabis stocks have been an utter disappointment over the past few years.

The nationwide legalization of weed in Canada in late 2018 was supposed to be a critical inflection point for the entire cannabis industry. Throughout 2019 and 2020, the legal Canadian cannabis market was supposed to boom on the back of huge and growing demand, and that success was supposed to make it easy for U.S. and other developed nations to subsequently legalize cannabis and start their own “pot booms”.

But none of that happened.

Instead, Canada stumbled out of the gates, and potential U.S. legalization got delayed multiple times.

Cannabis stocks, naturally, boomed in late 2018, and have been on a downward spiral ever since. The ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (NYSEARCA:MJ) — the largest and oldest cannabis ETF — almost doubled in late 2018 to over $45. Ever since, it has lost

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