6666 Ranches up for sale, says Lubbock brokerage firm

After  150 years under the ownership of the Burnett family, the three properties of the 6666 Ranch are up for sale, according to Lubbock brokerage firm Chas. S Middleton and Son.

Sam Middleton, the broker handling the sale, said Tuesday the ranch is being sold in accordance with the will of Anne Burnett Marion, the owner who died in February of 2020.

Marion was the granddaughter of legendary Texas cattleman Samuel Burk Burnett, who founded the 8 ranch at age 19 with 100 head of cattle, before expanding operations into the Texas Panhandle.

The flagship Four Sixes Ranch in King County boasts 142,372 acres, with over 140,000 being native pasture and 1,000 acres for cultivation. 

The land comes along with the original family home on the property, built in 1917 and still standing today. 

Middleton and Son lists the asking price for the flagship property at $192,202,200.

The Dixon Creek Ranch Division, which stretches into both Carson and Hutchinson Counties, itself contains over 114,000 acres of land

The firm brokering the sale said the property, which includes an owner’s home, employee houses, barns, stalls, and employee camps throughout the ranch, has been well-maintained and improved.

Broker Sam Middleton said the first rotary drilling rig in the Texas Panhandle ran on the property, beginning in 1923. 

Dixon Creek’s asking price is listed at $137,346,000. 

The newest addition to the collection of properties, the 6666 Frisco Creek Ranch Division in Sherman County, was purchased only in 2016. 

The property spans 9,427 acres and is described in sales brochures as a primarily cattle-based operation, similar to the Dixon Creek Ranch Division.

The asking price for this portion sits now at $12,209,260. 

The brokerage firm said the seller prefers to sell all of the property as a whole, totaling an asking price over $341 million.

Middleton also said several parties have already expressed interest, with multiple showings scheduled over the coming weeks.

In addition to the land and buildings, Middleton said a quarter of the mineral rights will belong to the buyer.

Not included in the deal, however, are livestock and equipment.

Middleton said these are sold separately to account for fluctuations in the price of livestock throughout the year.

For more information on purchasing, contact Chas. S Middleton and Son at (806) 763-5331.

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