American Home Shield Reviews & Coverage

American Home Shield (AHS) has been in business for 49 years, balancing comprehensive service with affordable coverage plans. The company is one of our top picks for home warranties. 

In this American Home Shield review, we take an in-depth look at the company’s plans, prices, and reputation to help you determine if it’s the best home warranty company for you. We’ll also examine how AHS’ offerings compare to competitors’ services and show you a few consumer reviews.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Background and Availability

American Home Shield was founded in 1971 and provides nationwide coverage, except in Alaska. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1997 and holds a B rating. We’ve found AHS’ policies to be both dependable and affordably priced, making it one of our top picks for home warranties. 

American Home Shield is also one of the largest home warranty companies; with 1,600 employees and counting, its customer service network is readily available to provide assistance. AHS also has a 24/7 customer support phone number and a live chat feature on its website, which is an advantage of choosing a larger company for your home warranty.

American Home Shield Plans

American Home Shield offers three signature plans—an Appliances Plan, a Systems Plan, and a Combo Plan. 

The Appliances Plan covers:

  • Refrigerators
  • Ranges/Cooktops
  • Ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Built-in Microwaves
  • Free-standing Ice Makers
  • Built-in Food Centers
  • Clothes Washers and Dryers
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Trash Compactors

The Systems Plan covers:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Ductwork
  • Built-in Exhaust/Vent/Attic Fans
  • Main Breaker/Fuse Panel Box
  • Doorbells/Chimes
  • Interior Electrical Lines and DC Wiring
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Central Vacuum
  • Interior Plumbing Line Leaks and Breaks
  • Plumbing Stoppages
  • Toilets
  • Faucets
  • Plumbing Fixtures and Valves
  • Whirlpool Tub Motors and Components
  • Water Heaters
  • Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispensers
  • Garbage Disposals

The AHS Combo Plan combines all the coverage of the previous two plans for a slight increase in price. It’s a popular plan, as it covers more at a better value.

In addition to these packages, AHS offers these coverage add-ons to expand your plan further:

  • Electronics Plan by Asurion
  • Guest Unit (under 750-square-feet)
  • Pools and Inground Spas
  • Septic Pump
  • Well Pump

The price of these add-ons, which include an Electronics Plan by Asurion that covers TVs, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, smart home products, and more, may vary depending on your home and location. We encourage you to get a free quote from AHS for specific prices. 

Coverage Exclusions

It’s always important to know what is not covered under your warranty. American Home Shield has some general exclusions, such as pest damage, mold and mildew, improper installation, routine maintenance, and cosmetic damage. Listed below are more specific exclusions, from AHS’s service contract:

  • Outside or Underground Piping
  • Window Units
  • Water Towers
  • Chiller Components
  • Water Lines
  • Fireplace Grain, Pellet, or Wood-heating Units
  • Telephone Wiring
  • Bathtubs, Sinks, and Showers
  • Toilet Lids/Seats
  • Free-standing Freezers
  • Wine Chillers
  • Garage Doors
  • Appliances with an Existing Manufacturer Warranty

Coverage Limits

American Home Shield does not limit the amount of repairs it will make during the warranty contract. Customers can reach the company for service 24/7 as long as the trade service fee is paid in full upon request. Some items have more specific limits, which means AHS will cover the cost up to a certain dollar amount. These items and amounts are listed below:

  • Heating/Cooling: $1,500
  • Refrigerant: $10 per pound per occurrence
  • Ductwork: $1,000
  • Appliances: $3,000

American Home Shield Cost

American Home Shield offers competitive prices within the home warranty market. The Systems and Appliances plans are both $39.99 per month; the Combo Plan combines both plans for $49.99 per month, which is the best value. Most major items in your home will be repaired or replaced by AHS with the combo plan.

These plans come standard with a $100 trade service request fee. Warranty purchasers can choose to pay $125 per request, which lowers the monthly rate, or $75 per request, which is a cheaper per request option with a slightly higher monthly rate. This is one of the many reasons why we recommend AHS, as it adds a level of customization.

How to Submit a Claim

Submitting a claim with American Home Shield is simple. You can request service by filling out a form on the company’s website or by calling 866-772-3803. Both options are available 24/7.

American Home Shield Reviews

American Home Shield holds a B rating on the Better Business Bureau. To help you get a feel for what customers have written about AHS, we’ve pulled a couple of positive and negative reviews that we’ve found helpful. Many of the complaints mentioned long hold times with the customer service hotline, but our research has found this is an issue consistent with many major providers of warranties.

The American Home Shield reviews below are from the BBB:

“My furnace went out on a Wednesday, submitted a ticket that night. Was contacted by vendor Thursday morning and by Thursday evening unit was fixed and warming the house. I have had the issues listed here with other home warranty companies but so far in 18 months with AHS I have had no complaints or issues.” – Michael D.

“This company has been there for me already in 2 separate circumstances in the 2 years I’ve had my home. About to have to file another request with them, but I anticipate getting the same exceptional customer service as always. Their contractors have been quick, clean and reliable at every turn. They even asked to borrow my broom and dustpan to sweep up things that dropped from the attic when they had to service my heating unit.” – Kimberly J. T.

“I have had AHS for 4 years now, not sure what is going on with the company but call wait times are unacceptable . Each time I have called I have been on hold for at least 1 hour before they pick up. I am on hold as I write this, now it is 1 hour and 26 minutes.” – John G.

“Wow. All I can say is, whatever you do, don’t use this company. EXTREMELY long wait times on phone, no other way to contact them (they do have an online form, nobody ever will get back to you), customer service has been lazy, rude and the quality of service they have sent out has been awful. Just not worth it. I can not tell you enough how horrible this company is.” – Sarah K.

Verdict & Recommendation 

American Home Shield is a smart choice for a home warranty because of its comprehensive coverage, payment flexibility, and legacy. With 49 years of experience and the flexibility it offers to customers, our review team rated AHS the best overall provider in the industry.

If you’re looking to purchase a home warranty, fill out this simple form or call 844-529-9298 for a free quote from AHS.

Best Home Warranty Companies

When seeking the right home warranty provider for you, it’s always a good idea to compare costs across multiple companies. Our review team has a list of other top home warranty providers, taking into consideration cost, reviews, and total coverage. While American Home Shield was our top overall pick, Choice Home Warranty scored the best for older homes, Amazon Home Warranty provided the best customer service, and Select Home Warranty is our favorite option for budget shoppers.

Choice Home Warranty

  • Get a free quote: Call 929-400-6165 or complete this form
  • Our verdict: Best for Older Homes
  • Number of plans: 2
  • Monthly cost: $36.17–$43.85
  • Service fee: $60–$85
  • State availability: All but CA, WA, and OK
  • BBB rating: B-

Amazon Home Warranty

  • Get a free quote: Call 866-605-8194 or complete this form
  • Our verdict: Best Add-Ons
  • Number of plans: 3
  • Monthly cost: $42.00 to $52.00
  • Service fee: $75
  • State availability: All but CA, IA, ME, MN, NM, OK, UT, and WA
  • BBB rating: Not rated

Select Home Warranty

  • Get a free quote: Call 888-370-3956 or complete this form
  • Our verdict: Best for Budget Shoppers
  • Number of plans: 3
  • Monthly cost: $35.83–$37.50
  • Service fee: $75
  • State availability: All but NV, NY, and WA
  • BBB rating: B

American Home Shield

  • Get a free quote: Call 844-529-9298 or complete this form
  • Our verdict: Best Overall
  • Number of plans: 4
  • Monthly cost: $49.99–$59.99
  • Service fee: $75–$125
  • State availability: All but Alaska
  • BBB rating: B

Frequently Asked Questions About American Home Shield

Is an American Home Shield Warranty worth it?

If you want to protect your most important appliances and systems, we think a home warranty with American Home Shield is a wise investment. An AHS warranty can provide you with peace of mind as a homeowner; a routine fix won’t derail your finances.

Can I use my own contractor for repairs?

The short answer is: sometimes. AHS strives to provide service efficiently and will assign a contractor within 48 hours to reach out to you when you make a request. If you would prefer a contractor you have worked with in the past, make sure you follow AHS’s protocol. From the company’s website: “If you choose to use outside authorizations, the service contractor must be licensed where applicable, qualified in the applicable state and trade, adequately insured for worker’s compensation and third-party general, and have automobile liability coverage. The chosen contractor must provide a diagnosis and itemized bid to American Home Shield before any work is performed.”

Does American Home Shield offer 24/7 service?

Yes. If you need to speak with a customer service representative, American Home Shield can be reached 24/7 at 866-772-3803. Individual contractors’ hours may vary, but the service hotline is always available.

How do I pay for my home warranty with American Home Shield?

American Home Shield offers a variety of payment options. You can pay by card or with your bank account. In addition, you can customize your payment schedule. You have the choice of monthly or annual billing, and you can choose which day of the month the billing cycle begins.

Is American Home Shield reputable?

Yes, American Home Shield has one of the strongest reputations in the home warranty industry. With almost 50 years of experience and Better Business Bureau accreditation, you can be assured that it’s a dependable home warranty provider.

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