Builder captain David Weekley Homes ensures HomeAid projects are a success

HomeAid Houston, a 501(c)(3) charity of the Greater Houston Builders Association has been honored over the years to construct transitional shelters for its homeless care providers with the leadership of David Weekley Homes, who has taken on the role as builder captain. The most recent project was the construction of four duplexes for Gracewood, a Children at Heart ministry that provides housing for mothers and their children who need a safe haven from crisis situations. A builder captain ensures that the construction costs are kept at a minimum while providing a quality product for years to come.

Mark Welch, land acquisition manager for David Weekley Homes and a past HomeAid board member shared the David Weekley philosophy about charitable giving. “David Weekley has always instilled within his organization, the rewards of employee participation in community involvement by the giving of your gifts, talents and treasure to help those in need,” said Welch. “It is a basic belief that it is not something you have to do, it is something you get to do.”

The Gracewood duplex project was a “master class” in how David Weekley Homes approaches a construction project for a charitable cause. The David Weekley Homes construction team was led by Brian Underwood, Mark Welch and Nancey Reid who worked with the project’s architect Mark Atkins with MASA Studio.

Mark Welch continued by saying, “At the end of your career, you won’t remember the houses you build, it’s the charity projects you were involved with that you will remember.”

“HomeAid and David Weekley Homes have been a game-changer in Gracewood‘s work to help families rediscover independence,” said Jenny Rice Cotton, president at Gracewood. “With HomeAid and David Weekley’s leadership, we are able to double our impact, increasing our capacity from 15-31 families. These duplexes offer hope for a better future for the children and their mothers who will call them home.”

Through Gracewood, mothers also receive counseling services and help in obtaining an education and jobs. The agency helps these families refocus their future toward happiness and independence while acquiring the basic tools they need to make long term, quality of life improvements.

HomeAid Houston was established in 2003 to work with Houston homeless care providers to build and renovate shelters that transform lives. By partnering with GHBA builders, remodelers, developers and suppliers, HomeAid is able to effectively multiply the impact of gifts provided by generous donors.

Since 2003, HomeAid Houston has completed more than 50 projects, that added $14.7 million in real estate to Houston’s homeless community, and provided beds for more than 20,000 homeless men, women and children.

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