Can You Marry Serana In Skyrim Answered

Can You Marry Serana In Skyrim Answered. She always gives you the same excuse, that temples scare her. There are over 70 npcs available for marriage — but with the magic of mods, those are frankly rookie numbers.

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You'll need a mod that adds this in order to marry her. The simplest mod would be the marry me serana mod, which allows her to be married in the same manner as. So, can you marry serana in skyrim?

However, There Are Still A Considerable Number Of Npcs That Can Not Be Married.

There are over 70 npcs available for marriage — but with the magic of mods, those are frankly rookie numbers. Male orcs can marry female dark elves, female bretons can marry female redguards, male imperials can marry. This is particularly weird because serana doesn't need to have a pickaxe in her inventory to mine ore.

So, Can You Marry Serana In Skyrim?

Serana has been around for thousands of years. She will always help you because you. However, she will be kind to you and very interested in the dialogue.

She Has Seen Some Shit.

It is no question for them when they get a chance to marry the mighty hero. 13 serana can mine nearby ore veins. I really wish you could marry serana and for the people out there that want to tell me stuff don't i already know but 1( bethesda probably made her not able to marry cause if you did marry her her speech would have changed to the vanilla skyrim type of my love or my darling )2( they might be trying to make an update for the dawngaurd dlc to where you can actually marry her and she.

You're Free To Marry Anyone Of Any Gender Or Race.

This has been proven as there is no data ingame (ie, voice lines by serana's va) showing that she can be married. If i can't marry her i'm not going to marry anyone. If you just want a vampire spouse, you can turn someone into a vampire with the dawnguard volkihar quest “the gift”, although they don’t quite work like normal vamps.

While Serana Is Following You, She May Take Out A Pickaxe And Start Mining The Ore.

If u marry serena she will become a kill able character. One of the strangest actions that serana can perform in skyrim is mining ore veins that you come across during your adventure. It has been very well known for years now that serana cannot be married in any way without mods.

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