Cod Mobile How To Get The Long Shot Medal

Cod Mobile How To Get The Long Shot Medal. Mobile and go to loadout options. Killed an enemy by shooting them in the head.

5 easy medals to get in COD Mobile Season 1 New Order from

In one of the recent events, users were required to get five long shot medals to complete a task. Tap on customise and go. Killed an enemy who was injuring a teammate.

Now, In Order To Complete This Task In The Alcatraz Anarchy Event, You Will Have To Do Play On The Alcatraz Map.

When players choose a spot to earn the medal, they also need to ensure they have the right loadout. Killed an enemy who recently killed a teammate. Mobile season 10 is here, bringing a ton of updates to the popular mobile shooter.

Try Using An Smg To Get Those Medals.

However, with a sniper rifle, getting the. In cod mobile, the life saver medal can be earned by reviving teammates four or more times (excluding warfare mode). Killed an enemy from behind with an equipped melee weapon.

As Long As Players Aim For The Upper Chest Or Head, They’ll Likely Kill Them In One Shot.

To start off, players must load into the cod mobile multiplayer mode. Players will get three kinds of medals upon completing objectives including killstreak medals, scorestreak medals, and kill medals. Yet obtaining them isn't as simple as it may seem at first.

Players Can Repeat The Process Of Earning A Medal In Four More Matches.

When trying to unlock the brutal medal, make sure to use a viable class that you are comfortable with and will work in most situations. The process of obtaining some items is quick,. 42 of these medals can be acquired in the multiplayer mode.

For Sniper Rifles You Need You Make A Really Long One In Comparison To Smg Or Shotgun Longshot Required Distance.

This is one stop where you will get all information on call of duty mobile game starting from free rewards every season to upcoming seasons news and updates. How to get brutal medal in cod mobile. Players need to unlock gold camo to grind for both damascus and diamond camos.

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